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Colorful Food? Nope, It’s Colors & Food January 27, 2012

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I love these blog challenges but for the life of me I Can’t Keep Up!! Another 2:1 special day in The 30 Day Photo Challenge

Don’t laugh but as soon as read this one the song True Colors starting playing on repeat in my head…I see your true colors shinning through… But…I don’t have that album anymore so instead of a shot of an album color you get the next best [yet completely unrelated] thing…My flowers, this past summer, so bright and colorful


And for Part 2 of my catch-up post LUNCH

Lunch at SpringCreek – A chopped beef sandwich, potato salad, pickle spears, green beans with bacon pieces, and a water….and yes I had a roll too, you can’t go to SpringCreek without having their hot fresh from over rolls, but she hadn’t brought them by yet.


So…Have you linked up yet? January’s not over you could always do a 30 in 1 special 🙂



What Am I Doing? January 26, 2012

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Day 25….I can’t believe January’s almost over, crazy how time flies!
Today’s topic – Routine….again
So…What am I doing tonight??


Every evening, after dinner / pre bedtime, we watch Sponge Bob Square Pants (…then usually iCarly but don’t tell my son I told you that part 😉)

~On a side note, anyone else ever wondered why a sponge lives in a bikini bottom with sandy cheeks and crabs? …just saying….


Guilty Pleasures…Sweet Sugary Goodness January 24, 2012

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I’m cheating today….these are pics borrowed from Google images that I collaged together…*I* did the collaging so I think that counts…right??


My guilty pleasures are sweets, chocolates, candies, caffeine, and the occasional fruity cocktail….any sweets, candies, or chocolates will do, I don’t discriminate ;p


A Reflection of Old Shoes

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I know this is really a stretch….but as usual I’m running behind on THE 30 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE so today I give you 3 days in 1 photo…don’t judge *I’m trying to catch up*

Day 21 – Reflection
Day 22 – Your Shoes
Day 23 – Something old

A reflection of my little mans first pair of DC’s (aka old shoes)


Have you linked up and joined in yet?



Playing Catch-Up…Again January 20, 2012

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It seems I’m always running behind these days…so today it’s a 3 for 1 special [and I thought you’d be excited about the 2:1 catch-up from earlier in the week…try to contain you’re excitement ;p ]

Day 18 Something I bought – We bought this toy (I’m not calling him by his name…wouldn’t want to piss off SOPA or anything) for my son and we bought the chips…well to eat…Who knew the little man would feed his chips to Cookie Monster said unnamed monster.

Day 19 Something Sweet – S’mores Fudge…recipe coming soon (it’s ridiculously easy!!…but Shhh Don’t tell!)


Day 20 Someone I Love – How about a whole lot of someone’s I love…This is me, the hubs, and the twins on their first Halloween … And I was pregnant with the little man



Splish Splashin’ January 17, 2012

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Swimming in January….Sure, why not?

Dogs swimming in January….Hmmm….Maybe??


Today is Day 17 of The 30 Day Photo Challenge – Water


Good Morning January 16, 2012

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Mornings….you caught me on a day off so we’re having brunch [Biscuits & Gravy Recipe coming soon:) ]


This was Day 16 of The 30 Day Photo Challenge