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Another Quick Fathers Day Gift June 17, 2011

Does your hubby like a sport or have a hobby? Take tons of pics of your kids doing what dad loves and frame it 🙂


For this one my walls were already painted blue. I painted a circle of paper yellow for the sun and cut clouds out of computer paper, taped it all to the wall and covered the floor with material to look like water. I bribed the boys with French fries to sit on the board and tickled them to get the smiles.


Filling Dad’s Shoes

With Father’s Day around the corner do you need a last minute gift idea? I’m a huge fan of the kids making gifts and this was what we made their dad 3 years back. It’s still one of my favorites.

“Someday We Hope To Fill Your Shoes Dad”

All you have to do is dress your kids up in dads clothes and take pics…make sure you can see the shoes in each pic. I found the frame and letter stickers at the local drug store, if your kids can write have them write it.



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