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Do You Sleep With Your Spouse February 28, 2011

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Do you sleep with your spouse?? [Nope…not that way ]

I don’t remember the last time my husband and I slept in the same bed for more than an hour. Yesterday morning, 5 A.M.-ish, we both had gotten up to use the restroom [apparently the older I get I have to get up pee more and more…] and we laid back down in one of the kids beds, because our bed was full of kids. After about 20 minutes R hopped on my head and that was the end of sleep.

But I get off track… I don’t think it’s a huge deal for the kids to fall asleep and sleep all night in their rooms. It’s a battle I choose not to fight. I hope someday we get there, but right now I feel blessed if the boys just sleep thru the night.

My hubs and I hang out all the time, he is my best friend, so if we can’t sleep next to each other it’s okay. I know he loves me, I know he’s the one in bed with wiggly kids who toss, turn, and kick, and I know I’m sleeping on a couch that is surprisingly more comfy than my bed.

I think at the end of a long night all that matters is that you’ve told everyone you love them, said your prayers, and getting a full nights sleep! And with that I say GOODNIGHT!


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