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Did She Just Go There…Oh No She Didn’t! Wait…Maybe She Did… August 10, 2011

Blogging…It’s sort of new to me. I’ve had this blog for a while now but am just really starting to use it….This brings me to my question?? Censoring myself…What do I want to post, do I want to go there, so to speak, on certain, maybe controversial topics? My answer..Yes and no…with a little I don’t know thrown in…

Those who know me in RL know where I stand on issues that are important to me. I’d never not defend my views; however do I want to throw certain things out there?  Not too sure yet honestly…I’m a big believer in ‘If you wouldn’t say or do it in front of your spouse, you shouldn’t do it period’, but he knows my thoughts. Most we agree on, when and if we don’t, we know how to agree to disagree…That’s the thing….the online world doesn’t seem as quick to agree to disagree, or even disagree respectfully….they can be as mean, rude, nasty… not that I can’t take it, it’s that I’m not sure if I care to…make sense? Blogging should be fun right? Plus, like I said before, I’m new to blogging, I’m not trying to run off readers (Stupid…maybe, but the thought sill crossed my mind).

And not every post will be on a touchy subject…I love to see the happiness, find the simple joys, and celebrate the small victories..and fill you in on all of it…

If I hold back my beliefs, views, thoughts, etc it doesn’t really seem fair. Isn’t the point of blogging to connect with those similar, share stories, vent frustrations? Then again, I’m never trying to offend, and I don’t want to spend every post defending my thoughts…or do I? I guess the more discussion, and different views, the more I’ll learn too. I’m always open to seeing things in a new light…just please, I’m begging you, be polite…tell me you think I’m wrong, challenge my views, just don’t be nasty…we are all adults here…right?  Most importantly, come back and visit soon! 😉


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