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Friday Funnies January 27, 2012

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Compiling a bunch of pics I’ve ran across online for your entertainment pleasure. *None of these photos were created by me, they were all shots I ran across on random websites* Hope you enjoy 🙂



-This is a real ad from years ago….oh how times have changed-



Because when Chuck Norris calls YOU answer!








Sadly I must confess I’m very guilty of this one

And finally one for all my teacher friends out there…

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Smile….It’s Funny Picture Time December 6, 2011

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She’s Back!! It’s Dorothy 2 November 25, 2011

You remember Dorothy’s Tragic Tale right? The pet fish with the shortest life span ever…and how after Dorothy’s demise I said No More Pets [other than the 2 giant *cowdogs we already have]

She’s Back!!!! No, this isn’t the story of a flesh eating zombie fish coming back to haunt us for cutting her fish life short, and don’t worry no ones faces have been eaten off or anything crazy like that, we are all still one piece…But I have you’re attention now…right?? (Yes I am cracking myself up as I type this…humor me it’s early lol)

The other day my aunt surprised Ry with the coolest Dorothy replacement ever! Check this out, it’s awesome….A glass bowl with a screw on lid, color changing lights, real water, and a motion activated fish that looks almost lifelike.


The kids love our new fish and after a refresher course in Fish Parenting 101 we seem to be good to go.

Lesson 1 – We do not shake the Fish (haven’t you heard of Shaken Fish Syndrome)

Lesson 2 – Dorothy DOES NOT leave her home, in her fish house, which has now been moved to the kitchen table

Lesson 3 – We DO NOT open Dorothy’s lid

Lesson 4 – We Do NOT Shake the Fish….I may have mentioned this one before

I haven’t gotten into if Dorothy is real or not, he hasn’t asked, and for now we are treating her like a real fish in hopes of teaching pet parent responsibilities…Plus real or not I don’t want a giant bowl of water and broken glass everywhere lol….

So far Dorothy has survived 6 days, so we have the original Dorothy beat by 6 days…I’m loving this new pet! No messes to clean, and if God forbid Dorothy face an accident at least no actual life is lost:)



A *cowdog is a giant dog who shares certain traits with the cow IE- huge, butts you with it’s giant (cow-ish) head, regurgitates food, cow pattie size poop, etc…


Sayings, Quotes, and Just Good Advice July 26, 2011

The things we say to our kids, and the things that were said
to us as kids. Looking back, some of these sayings and bits of parenting advice
are hilarious…and sometimes I’ll catch myself saying one of these and think, “When
did I turn into my mother?!”

Sayings, Quotes, and Just Good Advice

  • “Don’t make me take my shoe off”
  • “Worse things have happened to better people”
  • “People in Hell want ice water”
  • “Want in one hand, shit in the other, and see
    which gets full fastest”
  • “If it’s wet, and it’s not yours, don’t touch it”
  • “Just because it fits doesn’t mean it goes there”
  • “They’re called privates for a reason, and rooms
    have doors for a reason”
  • “Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself”
  • “No Touchie” – To quote Kuzko (Disney’s The Emperors’ New Groove)
  • “I’m not mom, I changed my name”
  • “That’s what you get, I told you not too”
  • “Next time you’ll listen to your mom, won’t you?”

And my favorite is:

“Go ask your dad”

*If you like these check out Great Grandmas Answers a few posts back,
and please feel free to add some of your favorites in the comment section, I
can always use new answers to give the kids 😉


“How Nice” – A Joke About Manners July 25, 2011

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Flashback to the 1880’s on a ranch out in the country.

Two young women, Amy and Anna, are standing outside on a beautiful day. Amy turns to Anna and says, “You see all this land, that goes as far as the eye can see? My daddy left that to me when he passed away”

Anna looks out at all the land and turns back to her friend  responding, “How nice.”

Amy goes on to say, “You see all this livestock, and all the crops,  my daddy left this to me.”

Anna again responds with  a simple “How nice”.

Amy continues, “You see that beautiful house, the wagons, everything in the house, my daddy left it all to me.”

Anna glances around at everything and again a simple “How nice”, is all she says.

Amy, not pleased with her friends lack of enthusiasm, asks, “Well, what did your daddy leave you?”

Without a pause Anna looks at he friend and says, “My daddy didn’t have a lot of money or nice things to leave me, instead he sent me to finishing school where they taught me to say How Nice instead of Fuck You.”

~My aunt told me this joke and it still cracks me up…it’s kind of like how in the south you can say anything about someone as long as you end it with ‘Bless Your Heart”.

I’ll show you, it works every time (now you have to say it with a smile for it to really work 😉 ) :

“She’s dumb as a box of rock, bless her heart”


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