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High School Me February 2, 2012

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What was I like in high school…do we really want to go there? Hmmm…

Well since you asked…and by you I mean

Mama’s Losin’ It

Yup, it’s time for her weekly link up again, AND I’t s Thursday – time for another Thursday Throwbackso this week I try, without totally mortifying myself, to tell you about the me that was 10 years ago.

Let’s kick things off with a couple of pics…most of my pictures from my school days are stashed away at my parents, hopefully to stay that way, these are a couple I stole from my moms Facebook to give you a glimpse of high school me


While a pics worth 1000 words I still have lots of words so here we go-

  • I was a chatterbox
  • I was ridiculously shy –Not as weird of a combo as it sounds…once you get to know me I never shut up, it just takes me a while to open up to new situations & people
  • I had learned what a flat iron was so at least I didn’t look like the fuzzy end of a qtip like in my jr high days
  • I wasn’t cool by any means but I’d say it’s safe to say I wasn’t a total dork either
  • I died my hair purple, then blond, then redish-orange…hell 1/2 the time it looked like a skittle threw up on my head
  • I was naive yet thought I knew it all and thought I was invincible – Okay this one’s ALL teenagers…oh and speaking of all teenagers, like the rest of them, I knew it all at 14, 15 , 16, 17, 18
  • I very uninvolved in most anything school / extracurricular related
  • Unathletic – I was such a slacker I signed up for aerobics and dance classes over sports and P.E. classes to avoid actual physical activity
  • Had a complete lack of school spirit
  • Average grades….not because it was the best I could do but because I was okay with that
  • Sheltered from a lot of ‘typical’ teenage shenanagins..I saved most of my shenanaginizing for a few more years
  • I was cool with everyone but as for true friends I always kept only 1 or 2 close friends at time
  • Worked from the time I turned 15 until I got pregnant in my college days
  • Shoppaholic

That’s about it…I was more or less just there in high school…and I was cool with that. Looking back it’s funny how some things never change…I’m still a shy, shopaholic, chatterbox who stays close with only a few people…and I’m cool with that. I guess that’s the biggest difference (besides getting more beautiful and wise with age) between 27 year old me and high school me is a lot more self confidence, I’m a lot better at rolling with the punches, oh and I have a little more common sense (at least I’d like to think so), but other than that I’m still just me – I guess it’s true, we are who are 🙂
So…Who were you in high school? Was it High School Hell, a blast and a half, did you skim by like me…tell me more!! (Oh and don’t forget to link up when you do:) )


The Booger Man – A Thursday Throwback December 8, 2011

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Thursday Throwbacks

It’s Thursday!! You know what that means. One day until Friday!! You’re saying Thank you Captain Obvious right now aren’t you! No, really, it means it’s time to throwback and pull out some good memories to make us all smile!!

Today’s Throwback….

The Booger Man…Yes he was real!! And no it’s not the boogie man…who’d be scared of a dancing man (boogie – dancing – get it lol) Anyways, as a kid he was the Booger Man, he was scary as hell! He lived in between mine and my neighbor’s house…or at least he hid out behind the AC unit after the sun went down. As we’d go from each other’s houses in the evening we’d bolt as fast as we could for that 15 feet until we got to where the porch light lite up the grass…funny how as kids you can be scared of something you’ve never seen, and don’t even know if it’s real…In my defense, not only was I little, and my mom told me he’d get me, but I never thought the Booger Man was specific type of creepy being (you know like a sasquatch or whatever), just a bad scary guy…maybe from 4 streets back [I’m still convinced that only weirdo’s lived on that street…and if you grew up in my old neighborhood you know what street I’m talking about lol].

Point of the story…no point really…just remembering the old neighborhood, old friends, growing up, meeting my hubby to be (He moved in 4 houses down and years later), the Booger Man, having a blessed childhood, and lots of good memories.

So…What’s Your Thursday Throwback??


My childhood house

–This picture was STOLEN WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM ITS OWNER!!!, sorry Dad…I guess it’s Karma for all those pics you stole borrowed from Germany when I was a kid 😉

Here’s where I’m Stealing Pictures From 🙂


Thursday Throwbacks August 25, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks – Capturing Memories

This Thursday’s Throwback is a Flashback to the past, a bit of old school technology.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine all the moments these must have seen and all the memories they’ve captured?

If antiques could talk...Oh the stories they could share...

(This is a pic I took of my dad’s old camera collection)


Thursday Throwbacks – The Water Gardens August 19, 2011

Fort Worth’s Water Gardens is one of my favorite places ever! [Look familiar? They filmed Logan’s Run here]. I love that in the middle

It seemed HUGE as a kid!

of a busy city there’s such a beautiful, peaceful place to relax, enjoy, and take a few minute reality break from the fast pace we usually move at. I’ve been coming here since we moved to Texas in the late 80’s. Over the years a few things have changed…..When I was little you could play in

Me at the Water Gardens - Age 5

water, well there were signs saying not to but no one really cared, we played for hours splashing under the waterfalls. After the homeless started using it as a place to bathe and spend the day, the park was closed for renovations. It reopened for a while and then was temporarily shut down again after 4 people drowned. After reopening for a second time, now with a gate at the top of the fall, I still enjoy the Water Gardens. I’ve been visiting this same spot for 23 years; it’s funny how massive things seem when you’re little, and while the massiveness is gone, the beauty and peacefulness remains.

Think I’m crazy? I know there are a lot of awesome places to refresh your mind, so why a park in the middle of a busy city? That park lets you forget about the city that surrounds you, the sound of the water masks the sounds of the city, and…the number one awesome thing about the Water Gardens is…IT’S FREE!


Thursday Throwbacks August 11, 2011

My anniversary was last weekend…7 years!! So where was I at this time 7 years ago?? In St. Augustine, FL on my honeymoon. This is one of the last days we spent there, we left just as a tropical storm was heading in.

Looking down from the sky

I really wanted to go para sailing, the water was choppy that day, and something was swimming in circles below us (I don’t care what the company that took us out on the boat said, I KNOW they were sharks not dolphins!!). All in all the honeymoon was fantastic, not only was it a chance to celebrate our marriage, but a break from being mom and dad to two beautiful, exhausting, 3 month old, twin cuties. It also made me realize how much I actually missed the little monsters!!

The boat below

What’s your Thursday Throwback?? Take a second to think back and make yourself smile with great memories!


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