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The Booger Man – A Thursday Throwback December 8, 2011

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Thursday Throwbacks

It’s Thursday!! You know what that means. One day until Friday!! You’re saying Thank you Captain Obvious right now aren’t you! No, really, it means it’s time to throwback and pull out some good memories to make us all smile!!

Today’s Throwback….

The Booger Man…Yes he was real!! And no it’s not the boogie man…who’d be scared of a dancing man (boogie – dancing – get it lol) Anyways, as a kid he was the Booger Man, he was scary as hell! He lived in between mine and my neighbor’s house…or at least he hid out behind the AC unit after the sun went down. As we’d go from each other’s houses in the evening we’d bolt as fast as we could for that 15 feet until we got to where the porch light lite up the grass…funny how as kids you can be scared of something you’ve never seen, and don’t even know if it’s real…In my defense, not only was I little, and my mom told me he’d get me, but I never thought the Booger Man was specific type of creepy being (you know like a sasquatch or whatever), just a bad scary guy…maybe from 4 streets back [I’m still convinced that only weirdo’s lived on that street…and if you grew up in my old neighborhood you know what street I’m talking about lol].

Point of the story…no point really…just remembering the old neighborhood, old friends, growing up, meeting my hubby to be (He moved in 4 houses down and years later), the Booger Man, having a blessed childhood, and lots of good memories.

So…What’s Your Thursday Throwback??


My childhood house

–This picture was STOLEN WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM ITS OWNER!!!, sorry Dad…I guess it’s Karma for all those pics you stole borrowed from Germany when I was a kid 😉

Here’s where I’m Stealing Pictures From 🙂


One Response to “The Booger Man – A Thursday Throwback”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    I used to think it was hilarious that you and Gwen could be as ornery as sin, but when it came to the “booger man”, y’all were skered little kittens.

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