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Thursday Throwbacks August 11, 2011

My anniversary was last weekend…7 years!! So where was I at this time 7 years ago?? In St. Augustine, FL on my honeymoon. This is one of the last days we spent there, we left just as a tropical storm was heading in.

Looking down from the sky

I really wanted to go para sailing, the water was choppy that day, and something was swimming in circles below us (I don’t care what the company that took us out on the boat said, I KNOW they were sharks not dolphins!!). All in all the honeymoon was fantastic, not only was it a chance to celebrate our marriage, but a break from being mom and dad to two beautiful, exhausting, 3 month old, twin cuties. It also made me realize how much I actually missed the little monsters!!

The boat below

What’s your Thursday Throwback?? Take a second to think back and make yourself smile with great memories!


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