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Doritos For Breakfast – Picking Your Battles August 4, 2011

I cook all the time, I love to cook…if some one will eat it.

Some days with my kids that can be a big *IF*….not that the boys are always stinkers about food, but we all have our picky days. With the boys being home for summer I’ve gotten up many mornings and made a huge breakfast to surprise them…yet they never seem to be impressed. So this morning when Colin brought me a bag of Doritos I thought, to hell with it. I poured him a bowl of chips, and a bowl of berries (because if you add a piece of fruit it automatically makes any meal healthy), and decided these chips are no worse than pancakes with syrup or marshmallow cereal. Especially since the boys tend to just pick out the dehydrated marshmallows and leave the rest.

Breakfast of Champs

Point of the story– Pick your battles…if it won’t matter in 5 years it shouldn’t matter now (A tip from my FIL, and great advice when it comes to kids, marriage, or life in general).

*Bonus* If you’d like to add some of my dieting logic–they’re Nacho Cheese Corn Chips, corn is a veggie and cheese is a dairy…Throw in the berries and you’ve got a well-balanced meal…and for the ultimate slacker mom logic just give them a gummy vitamin and call it a win! 😉


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