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High School Reunion..To Go or Not to Go? February 27, 2012

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10 8 (Mildly Humorous) Reasons I’m likely to pass on my high school reunion:

• I haven’t gone anywhere, anyone who wanted to stay in touch could have easily, and I have stayed in touch with those I was closest to

• Facebook is basically a giant high school reunion every day

• I rarely get a sitter, I’d much rather spend a kid free evening out with the hubby or our friends

• I didn’t really like high school the first time around

• I saw pic of a previous years reunion…it was in a bar…doesn’t that say enough??

• It’s only been 10 years…I don’t miss anyone that much yet…ask me again in time for my 20 year reunion

• I might get beaten with a plastic coke bottle…Remember that school that made Letterman’s Top 10 List? That was my school…here’s a clip of the article for your entertainment value:

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Just after 11 a.m., a handful of students in the cafeteria began fighting. The school’s two on-site police officers tried to break up the fight using pepper spray. The melee escalated and backup officers were called in. By the time they arrived, 25 students were throwing bottles and fighting each other. Over 200 other students were nearby, most of them watching the commotion, and staying out of the way. Two police officers were wounded in trying to restore order. One was cut on his hand while the other sustained a cut to his head. Eleven students received minor injuries during the fight. Most of these injuries were minor scrapes and bruises and for breathing in the pepper spray. The backup officers were able to pull students out of the fight and arrest them. Their actions brought the whole fight to quick end. Six Bowie students and two adults were detained by the police for instigating, or sustaining, the fight. School officials said Bowie is not a troubled school, even though police records show that 14 fights have already taken place at the school since January 1. In comparison, Martin High School, the district’s largest, has had 17 fights already this calendar year. Source: Dallas Morning News – 13 Hurt, 8 Held in Fight at Arlington Bowie High

and here’s where I found the article online [I just copied and pasted it for you guys]

—I have to say the so-called ‘riot’ wasn’t nearly as entertaining or amusing as the news made it out to be

• I just don’t care that much

My Old High Shcool

I’m a MondayListicles Failure this week….I can’t come up with 10 reasons to or not to attend my High School Reunion…I guess I should get to thinking since it’s coming up this year

Can’t get enough? Want to know more about High School Me? Just click on the link…or click HERE to find out more 🙂


Anxiety and Pre-Death Wishes January 23, 2012

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I LOVE lists!! So this week I’m joining in with the Monday Listicles Link Up

Ten Things I’d Like To See Happen Before I Die

  1. To see my boys grow up and be able to live happily on their own
  2. Gas go back down to under $2 a gallon
  3. Large companies to lose the ability to take advantage of customers
  4. People to stop feeling they are owed anything or entitled to it
  5. No elderly, disabled, or veteran to go without
  6. People learning relearning what common courtesy and manners are
  7. Insurance companies to realize that 1:91 children with autism will be 1:91 adults before we know it, they need to start covering more to help prepare children for the future
  8. Better temporary assistance to those who need it so they can get the help they need, but until people stop taking advantage of the programs already in place that will NEVER happen
  9. I want that contraption from The Jestsons to be invented and come standard in houses…you know what I’m talking about right? The conveyer belt thingy that woke them up, showered, dressed, and got them ready in the A.M.
  10. Peace on Earth….pretty standard answer I’m sure, but it’d be nice

Then Things That Give Me Anxiety

  1. The Dentist
  2. ARD Meetings
  3. Snakes (I’m pretty convinced anything that moves on land without legs [oh and can eat me] is evil)
  4. Bridges….weird right…I hate bridges…not heights, just bridges
  5. Roller Coasters….again not the height, it’s the fact I could fall face forward over the edge and fall crashing to my death or land on the tracks and be crushed by the roller coaster cart
  6. Airplanes…funny because I’d love to go skydiving and I’d love to get a pilot’s license (maybe this part should be moved to the top list…), but I don’t like someone else having that much control over my life….or paying $5 for a drink…)
  7. Swimming in lakes or the ocean…I have real issues when I can’t see the bottom….I try to convince myself there are no fish or other creepy crawlies in the water
  8. New situations
  9. Thinking about the future….autism and the long term scares the beejeebus out of me
  10. Loud overcrowded places…not like the mall on a Saturday crowded, but no room to move my elbows crowded
  11. Small spaces….okay so I added an extra…what can I say ;P
These lists are in no particular order…just me rambling away…so what’s on your list?



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