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Thursday Throwbacks – The Water Gardens August 19, 2011

Fort Worth’s Water Gardens is one of my favorite places ever! [Look familiar? They filmed Logan’s Run here]. I love that in the middle

It seemed HUGE as a kid!

of a busy city there’s such a beautiful, peaceful place to relax, enjoy, and take a few minute reality break from the fast pace we usually move at. I’ve been coming here since we moved to Texas in the late 80’s. Over the years a few things have changed…..When I was little you could play in

Me at the Water Gardens - Age 5

water, well there were signs saying not to but no one really cared, we played for hours splashing under the waterfalls. After the homeless started using it as a place to bathe and spend the day, the park was closed for renovations. It reopened for a while and then was temporarily shut down again after 4 people drowned. After reopening for a second time, now with a gate at the top of the fall, I still enjoy the Water Gardens. I’ve been visiting this same spot for 23 years; it’s funny how massive things seem when you’re little, and while the massiveness is gone, the beauty and peacefulness remains.

Think I’m crazy? I know there are a lot of awesome places to refresh your mind, so why a park in the middle of a busy city? That park lets you forget about the city that surrounds you, the sound of the water masks the sounds of the city, and…the number one awesome thing about the Water Gardens is…IT’S FREE!


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