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A Mom’s Food Pyramid March 6, 2012

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Convo from the other day:

Friend: I have the house to myself for a few hours Saturday morning; I could get so much done

Me: (interrupting) or you could sleep in or watch TV and be lazy

Friend: That’s kind of what I was thinking

Me: And hey, since wine’s made of grapes that could totally count as a fruit for breakfast…plus it’s full of antioxidants and such

Friend: Double win – I was thinking a Mimosa…the oranges and all….

Me & Friend rambling at the same time:

What about OJ & Vodka…

That’s a fruit and a grain…

wait vodka’s made from potatoes not grains…

that’s a fruit and a veggie…

throw in a beer and you have a well-balanced meal….

Hubby shaking his head and laughing from the other room….

Friends’ response to his doubts that this combo constitutes a nutritious meal: Beer comes from barley –  that stuff has lots of health benefits, it’s very good for you

?????? I can’t believe anyone would doubt my logic about eating healthy ?????

My *updated* Food Pyramid - We all know if it's on the internet it MUST be true!!

But for you doubters out there — I say throw in a side of bacon (or bacon vodka….) for some protein, that HAS to make it a well-balanced meal right?

So there you have it…a lesson in kid free healthy eating…and a fresh new perspective on the tired old food pyramid….Yes I know I left out the dairy group, but if you must add it in just throw in a bowl of ice cream or if you need a double win go for the Whipped Cream Vodka…then you get a dairy and a veggie 😉

*ESO Error = Equipment Superior To Operator

Want some more of my lovely meal time logic?? These relating to kiddo eating 🙂

Cookie Dough For Dinner

Doritos For Breakfast

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17 Responses to “A Mom’s Food Pyramid”

  1. Angela Says:

    LMBO!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

  2. Anna Says:

    I love this, all the way from “I could get so much done” aka “sleep in or watch TV” to figuring out mixed drinks that could count as fruits and vegetables! Funny post!

    • Sara Says:

      Isn’t it funny how a convo can take so many turns so quickly, thanks for stopping by!! And they do count as fruits and veggies…right? ;P

  3. I buy it! Totally rational. Did you see the Elvis bacon that was making the rounds recently? You could invite him over to sing a song. I like the vodka example best; and you can always put some hot peppers in the vodka to give it some vitamins and a kick.

    • Sara Says:

      That’s genius! The vitamins in the peppers, mixed with the antioxidants in the grapes, and whatever good stuff is in barley…We’re set! A well balanced meal and a multi vitamin substitute all in one! 🙂

  4. suzy016 Says:

    Can I come eat at your house? EVERY MEAL?

  5. Katie Says:

    I’m definitely loving the logic here. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Sara Says:

      I’m glad you agree…I knew I couldn’t be alone on this! 🙂 We’re all going to be so healthy before it’s over with lol

  6. And you just became a food writer!! Logic is like statistics—there is always a way to bend it to your wants or needs. In this case, you shaped this baby perfectly to fit your need for some perfect Momma Alone time. In our world, that makes you crafty and just the type of Sister we hang with, Erin

  7. Breakfast of Champions!

    (Also? This so sounds like a convo I’d have with one of my friends. Or my husband.) 🙂

  8. Lenore Diane Says:

    I like the way you think. Logic is good!

  9. heidi Says:

    Love, love this. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this conversation…

  10. grammyjj Says:

    I knew not cooking for you when you were a child would make you more creative! Learning to scavenge and still come up with “balanced” meals for yourself worked man, I must be a genius too!

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