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A lot to be thankful for …. A life filled with Fake Problems August 13, 2011

My life is full of Fake Problems; any real problems get dealt with and filed away ASAP.

However, I have to confess, I’ve always tended to be kind of whiney. I try to keep it to myself (and my poor husband who has to listen to it all, but hey, he gets paid big bucks for that, right? Lol) but some days my fake problems get pretty serious. And since everyone could use a laugh I thought I’d share of few of tonight’s fake problems.

  • My kids are wild
  • Somehow our sleep schedule is upside down
  • I want a RedBull but I’m thinking even if the kids never sleep 7:30 may be too late for another energy drink
  • My house is wrecked
  • The dog breathes way too loud, and his toenails are out of control. They click on the floor every step he takes, it’s driving me mad! (Yes, I know it’s my job to clip them, but in my defense #SummerVacayChaos makes a trip to the groomer kind of difficult)
  • I have a laundry mountain overflowing
  • We found 1 of the MIA ipods…surprisingly having only 1 is possibly worse than none, because they fight over 1. They  just whine over none…Hmmm, my kids whiney too? They must get it from their dad 😉
  • I still haven’t made dinner and have no desire too
  • Mason’s Napping…nothing good comes from late night kiddo naps
  • None of these little people listen to me
  • Ryan deleted General Hospital off the DVR

As I grumble away about all the things that don’t really matter I think

  • The mess isn’t going anywhere, and no one’s coming to my house until Tuesday, so the mess can wait
  • I get an amazingly awesome gift from one of my favorite people ever on Wednesday!! ( knows my love for Double Tree cookies!! – BEST COOKIE EVER!!)
  • My kids [wild and not listening nonetheless] are running around happy, healthy, and fighting no more than any other brothers stuck in the house for summer vacay
  • General Hospital will replay on SoapNet tonight and is already set to record
  • Mason and I escaped today…you know me and my sanity savers…
  • Our errand completed grocery shopping for the week (1 less thing to worry about Monday)
  • I had money for groceries and have a roof over my head…sadly, something not everyone can say
  • We’re taking the kids swimming tomorrow, they’ve been ready all week

I have tons more to add to the list of things I’m grateful for. Some humorous, some serious, but many things either way! So, as I sit here drinking my late night RedBull (yes, I’ve already popped the top) and eat cold hot fudge (not a typo…hot fudge sauce straight from the jar in the refrigerator – Don’t judge), drooling about my cookies that will be here soon, I choose to smile at all the shenanigans of the house, enjoy the madness, and let all my fake problems disappear. To quote my old Yaga tee (and I think I’ve used this quote before, but it’s great) ‘Too blessed to be stressed’.

Even when all the little things are driving you mad, or fake problems as I like to call them, remember all the good stuff you have going on. Even the things that seem insignificant. Be thankful for the air in your lungs, the water you drink, someone to tell you they care, knowing we are all just a little different, whatever it may be, big little, just be thankful! Put all your fake problems aside and enjoy the beauty of the moment you’re in.

To quote Van Wilder, “Don’t take life to seriously, you’ll never get out alive”


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