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Dirty Floors & Killer Thighs August 17, 2011

I’m lazy…and with summer here, and all the slackermomness I’ve had to squeeze in, working out has been pushed to the side. Who am I lying to…I’d love to blame summer, and kids, but really it’s just laziness. Anyways, I still want to stay in shape and I hate dirty floors! Weird combo, right? Not in my house….We have no carpet, 1600 square feet of wood and tile.

I used to mop daily, but every week or so the mop started to smell funny, I was spending more on mop heads than you can imagine. As for Swiffers’, my house is way too dirty!! It’d take 10 pads to scrub this floor (think 3 dirty, grubby fingered little boys, and 2 giant dogs who always manage to have dirty feet). So, I do the ghetto floor cleaning workout…which for the record is a killer thigh workout!

  • I made a quick video, don’t laugh, this is my first video post, and videoing yourself isn’t so easy. Basically, take an old towel and whatever floor cleaner you use in a spray bottle (diluted Simple Green here), spray the floor as you go and scrub away with your feet..think sliding side to side. I’m going slow here so you can see my shenanagins but the faster you go and the harder you scrub, the better the workout
By the time I’ve done the whole house I feel like I just used the machine in the pic below with some good cardio mixed in.

~~My last two cents~~

  • If you screw up your floor, it’s not my fault! Only use cleaners your floor says are okay!
  • Excuse the noise in the background on the’s #SummerVacayChaos around here..that’s why they ghetto floor workout is perfect, it’s quick and I get a clean floor.

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