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Wordless Wednesday February 15, 2012

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You guys know I’m always breaking changing bending the rules…And you know I’m still voting we change it from Wordless Wednesday to Speechless Wednesday because I’m no good at being wordless, but I love a pic that will leave me speechless…So this week for Wordless Speechless Wednesday I give a pic I borrowed from FB….


**Disclaimer—You guys know NOTHING I post is intended to offended, and for the most part I try to stay controversy free. That being said… these are my views, and while I respect everyone’s views and their rights to have those views, I ask that same courtesy


All Good Girls Walk Like This January 26, 2012

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…or at least all smart girls walk like this….A PSA (semi) #WordlessWednesday from me to you 🙂


Your keys could go a long way to help save you in a sticky unsafe situation, I walk everywhere like this.

***I am in no way promoting violence or suggesting random senseless shankings….just saying always be aware of your surroundings and always protect yourself!***


Jealous of Where I Am? December 7, 2011

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Can you guess where I am…and don’t you want to switch places?




‘When Will They Blame The Humans?’ November 24, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday

I’m cheating again changing the rules again…Go Figure…It’s not so much a wordless post as picture with all the words on it..Either way, I think think this is well said!

**I stole this from a friends Facebook**




For the Redneck on Your Christmas List November 16, 2011

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But Mom, I made my snack all by myself November 2, 2011

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I really think we should change it to ‘Speechless Wednesday’, I’m not very good at being wordless….But who am I change things, so instead I’ll just make my own rules….
A photo that left me speechless WORDLESS

Someone decided to get their own snack….a whole thing of cookie dough….and got pretty irked when I suggested that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to eat the whole roll….See the look I’m getting in the 2nd picture?



I didn’t think I had any pictures this week that fit in the Wordless Wednesday theme. I usually scan through whatever pictures I’ve taken the week before to find one. Leave it to my son to leave me wordless 🙂


Wordless..I mean, Speechless Wednesday October 26, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday ….This week instead of wordless post, I’m sharing a pic that left me speechless wordless.

This was my receipt for 1….Yes you read it right ONE Cranberry & Vodka…okay, it was a double, but for this price I could have bought a whole bottle of vodka….

So, I guess this receipt settles my debate—Did Jerry Jones shape the new Cowboys Stadium like a boob as a self portrait, or was he calling us, the residents of the city, boobs for wasting our tax dollars on an overpriced stadium….He was in fact calling us boobs…

$24 for 1 drink…madness!!!!

*In my defense no drink prices were listed….Of course the $10 nachos, $5 water, and $16 margaritas should have been a hint that mixed drinks would be a rip off too lol

**Also–Despite the overpricedness of EVERYTHING to do with the stadium and the fact that I still think it’s a waste of our tax dollars, we had a blast, and it really is a nice stadium….hell for over a billion $$ it better be, right?



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