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Wordless..I mean, Speechless Wednesday October 26, 2011

Filed under: humor,Wordless Wednesday — Sara @ 2:08 pm

Wordless Wednesday ….This week instead of wordless post, I’m sharing a pic that left me speechless wordless.

This was my receipt for 1….Yes you read it right ONE Cranberry & Vodka…okay, it was a double, but for this price I could have bought a whole bottle of vodka….

So, I guess this receipt settles my debate—Did Jerry Jones shape the new Cowboys Stadium like a boob as a self portrait, or was he calling us, the residents of the city, boobs for wasting our tax dollars on an overpriced stadium….He was in fact calling us boobs…

$24 for 1 drink…madness!!!!

*In my defense no drink prices were listed….Of course the $10 nachos, $5 water, and $16 margaritas should have been a hint that mixed drinks would be a rip off too lol

**Also–Despite the overpricedness of EVERYTHING to do with the stadium and the fact that I still think it’s a waste of our tax dollars, we had a blast, and it really is a nice stadium….hell for over a billion $$ it better be, right?



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