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But Mom, I made my snack all by myself November 2, 2011

Filed under: humor,kids,Parenting,Wordless Wednesday — Sara @ 11:50 pm

I really think we should change it to ‘Speechless Wednesday’, I’m not very good at being wordless….But who am I change things, so instead I’ll just make my own rules….
A photo that left me speechless WORDLESS

Someone decided to get their own snack….a whole thing of cookie dough….and got pretty irked when I suggested that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to eat the whole roll….See the look I’m getting in the 2nd picture?



I didn’t think I had any pictures this week that fit in the Wordless Wednesday theme. I usually scan through whatever pictures I’ve taken the week before to find one. Leave it to my son to leave me wordless 🙂


2 Responses to “But Mom, I made my snack all by myself”

  1. 2legit2knit Says:

    ha ha ha! I think it’s a GREAT snack! I’d eat it! 🙂

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