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Thursday Throwbacks August 25, 2011

Thursday Throwbacks – Capturing Memories

This Thursday’s Throwback is a Flashback to the past, a bit of old school technology.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine all the moments these must have seen and all the memories they’ve captured?

If antiques could talk...Oh the stories they could share...

(This is a pic I took of my dad’s old camera collection)


One Response to “Thursday Throwbacks”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    That’s why your Daddy and I love antiques. Somebody, somewhere cherished the item at one time. It meant something to them and their family. I can’t stand to see old things that are in good shape, that you just know a grandma and pa scrimped and saved for – and then took excellent care of and treasured – i can’t stand to see it just trashed. Or worse, sold at a garage sale for $1; OR made into some kind of shabby chic “art”. I think that’s why we “rescue” so many old things.

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