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Do You Sleep With Your Spouse February 28, 2011

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Do you sleep with your spouse?? [Nope…not that way ]

I don’t remember the last time my husband and I slept in the same bed for more than an hour. Yesterday morning, 5 A.M.-ish, we both had gotten up to use the restroom [apparently the older I get I have to get up pee more and more…] and we laid back down in one of the kids beds, because our bed was full of kids. After about 20 minutes R hopped on my head and that was the end of sleep.

But I get off track… I don’t think it’s a huge deal for the kids to fall asleep and sleep all night in their rooms. It’s a battle I choose not to fight. I hope someday we get there, but right now I feel blessed if the boys just sleep thru the night.

My hubs and I hang out all the time, he is my best friend, so if we can’t sleep next to each other it’s okay. I know he loves me, I know he’s the one in bed with wiggly kids who toss, turn, and kick, and I know I’m sleeping on a couch that is surprisingly more comfy than my bed.

I think at the end of a long night all that matters is that you’ve told everyone you love them, said your prayers, and getting a full nights sleep! And with that I say GOODNIGHT!


2 Responses to “Do You Sleep With Your Spouse”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    We have two queen sized beds in our room: we realised that we weren’t having that many visitors, but that our kids needed us at night. Five of us can sleep in the same room that way. They’ll leave when they’re ready, and it means fewer times I have to get up to them, less battles and a much closer family. Can’t remember when I slept in the same bed with my husband, alone. But we stay connected. It’s not a big deal, and it’s temporary.

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