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A Fish in My Bag? January 13, 2012

Filed under: 30 Day Photo Challenge,humor,Link Ups,photos — Sara @ 10:46 pm

What’s in my bag? [Day 13 of The 30 Day Photo Challenge]

If I showed you the inside of purse you’d probably never look at me the same again lol….typically I use a purse until it’s too much of a disaster area then instead of cleaning it I just swap purses, stuffing the old one (crap still inside) in the top of my closet. Call it a mini white trash filing cabinet if you will. Need the warranty for the kids now broken iPod – that’d be 2 purses ago, check the brown one…Last months electric bill? Try the purple one. Out of granola bars? Look in the black one….Want a new shade of lipstick – There’s most likely a brand new tube in all my purses….I don’t even put my wallet or keys in my bag because a lot of times once something goes into the purse it’s never to be seen again…As of right now mine is filled with receipts, a broken spilled bronzer, toys, wrappers, make-up, 1/2 eaten candy, and the newest addition- coconut flakes a child dumped in there.

I do own a file cabinet, and it’s actually quite full, but lately my purse has become one as well….and since no one said what type of bag we were peeking into I give you a look into my bag….of candy



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