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Playing Catch-Up…Again January 20, 2012

Filed under: 30 Day Photo Challenge,Link Ups,photos — Sara @ 8:06 pm

It seems I’m always running behind these days…so today it’s a 3 for 1 special [and I thought you’d be excited about the 2:1 catch-up from earlier in the week…try to contain you’re excitement ;p ]

Day 18 Something I bought – We bought this toy (I’m not calling him by his name…wouldn’t want to piss off SOPA or anything) for my son and we bought the chips…well to eat…Who knew the little man would feed his chips to Cookie Monster said unnamed monster.

Day 19 Something Sweet – S’mores Fudge…recipe coming soon (it’s ridiculously easy!!…but Shhh Don’t tell!)


Day 20 Someone I Love – How about a whole lot of someone’s I love…This is me, the hubs, and the twins on their first Halloween … And I was pregnant with the little man



One Response to “Playing Catch-Up…Again”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    First off, incredibly hungry blue monsters HAVE to eat. Don’t you know ANYTHING Mom? (remember that phrase, Toot will be repeating it often in the future – lol)!

    Forget SOPA, pictures of fudge that make you want to lick the computer should be illegal.

    Finally – I LOVE those things too!

    GREAT post!!!

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