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Colorful Food? Nope, It’s Colors & Food January 27, 2012

Filed under: 30 Day Photo Challenge,food,Link Ups,photos — Sara @ 8:42 pm

I love these blog challenges but for the life of me I Can’t Keep Up!! Another 2:1 special day in The 30 Day Photo Challenge

Don’t laugh but as soon as read this one the song True Colors starting playing on repeat in my head…I see your true colors shinning through… But…I don’t have that album anymore so instead of a shot of an album color you get the next best [yet completely unrelated] thing…My flowers, this past summer, so bright and colorful


And for Part 2 of my catch-up post LUNCH

Lunch at SpringCreek – A chopped beef sandwich, potato salad, pickle spears, green beans with bacon pieces, and a water….and yes I had a roll too, you can’t go to SpringCreek without having their hot fresh from over rolls, but she hadn’t brought them by yet.


So…Have you linked up yet? January’s not over you could always do a 30 in 1 special 🙂



2 Responses to “Colorful Food? Nope, It’s Colors & Food”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    I LOVE your flowers. They are So pretty. And I did wonder why you were taking a picture of your plate today at dinner.

  2. Eggton Says:

    I absolutely love green beans like that. And canned green beans. I make a lot of fancy food, but I could just go out on canned green beans. Mmm.

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