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The One Week No TV Challenge – A Final Update August 31, 2011

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What did I learn from the 1 week No TV Challenge??

A few things I guess….

  • I love my TV
  • I can stream shows onto my laptop as long as no one else is on the internet…otherwise it’s a losing battle…So I did manage to get my GH fix last week, Thank GOD!!
  • TV doesn’t affect my productivity, I’m just an unproductive person (Well not unproductive, I just like to put things off until the last possible minute)
  • My kids are smarter than I am – I had no idea if Ryan found a remote for a Sony DVD player he could use said remote to control the Playstaion
  • I’m more competitive than I previously thought…If someone hadn’t mentioned they didn’t think this experiment would last, I would have caved…but I can’t lose! 😉
  • As much as I missed my TV, we pay a lot for cable, and we really only missed a few channels
  • If you must attempt an experiment like this, don’t do the first week back to school. Mom’s need that week to be lazy and recover from #SummerVacayChaos #SummerVacayHell

Last night, after a long phone call with our TV provider [You can add channels online, but to cancel you have to call and talk to play 2o questions with a representative – Go figure], I cut down our package and we’ll be saving about $25 a month. The boys were super happy to have the TV back (and to know the DVR still did its job even when their mean mom banned the TV), and while I didn’t get to watch ANYTHING last night, I’m enjoying being a lazy butt and catching up my E! shows this morning. The TV’s not the problem, I just figure being a sahm I’m on mom-duty 24/7, and whether it’s being on call while they’re in school, playing chauffeur to doctors’ appointments, doing house stuff, or the real work that starts at 3:15 p.m. and continues until 7:30 a.m., so if I want to sit on my butt for a few hours every morning after I drop the kids off so be it. It’s my ‘off’ time, I get my stuff done…maybe only half assed, but done nonetheless, and so while TV’s not the problem, it is good to know we’ll be saving a few dollars cutting out unwatched channels.

So was our experiment a success, or a failure you ask? Neither really…just a TVless week…



3 Responses to “The One Week No TV Challenge – A Final Update”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Love this idea…though I’m not sure I could convince my husband to participate…

  2. Jamie Walker Says:

    You survived, that’s all that matters! Success is all relative to the story teller and the one holding the wine bottle!

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