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Buttons for dinner at 10 a.m. with a stranger?! February 7, 2012

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A stranger, 10a.m., dinner, & a button…Man I’m running behind again…but I really do enjoy these challenges so thanks for putting up with my always late posts 😉

Day 4 – A Stranger
I never left the house on the 4th, therefore I saw no strangers…but I didn’t know this guy, so I guess he could be considered a stranger…before he became dinner…


Day 5 – 10a.m.
I intended to snap a pic at 10a.m. on the fifth but honestly, when 10am rolled around my hands were so full trying to get ready for a family lunch that it completely slipped my mind…so you get a shot of me at 10a.m. on the 6th…Yup, I’m at the dentist having a root canal…fun stuff! It’s okay to be jealous ;p


Day 6 – Dinner
While I could call the ribs a double whammy, I won’t be that cheap lazy…well I won’t do that today lol
Last nights dinner was potato soup


Day 7 – Button
My sons favorite button on the microwave



Words With Hands February 3, 2012

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Words With [my] Hands…nope it’s not a knock off of Words With Friends…it’s my attempt to smush together Days 2 & 3 (Hands & Words) of the February 30 Day Photo Challenge

I don’t know sign language but I do a few of *relatively* universal hand gestures…but before you flash any of these when on your next vacay to a far away country Google it first…and if you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you ;p


Everything’s A Okay…or someone’s calling you an asshole…


A thumbs up to let you know you’re awesome


Love You!!


The Shaka


Thumbs down….Whomp Whomp!


Hookem Horns


This one has something to do with Star Trek…not a big fan I know it’s something Treky




Later Peeps!


Finishing Up January While Kicking Off February February 2, 2012

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Well I know you’re probably thinking this lady’s crazy?! Why would she commit to another 30 Day Photo Challenge when she still hasn’t finished last months….Well I have a plan! I’m no good at posting daily, and there’s no point in driving myself mad with it, Real Life happens that’s all there is to it, so this time around I’ll post as often as I can but expect fewer posts with more photos smushed into them…oh and don’t forget to join in the link up too!

Well I know you must be on the seat of your pants or is it the seat of your chair? Anyways, the last of January’s challenges and the start of February’s:

Day 28 – Light
Day 29 – In your fridge

So I give you The light in my fridge


Next Up Day 30 – Nature

The closest I’ve got is the monster harassing an earth worm in the back yard….a worm that we argued about for 15 minutes because one of us insisted he was not a worm but actually a snake.


Finally to wrap up January, Day 30 – Another pic of me…sorry about the mess in the background….I don’t have a lot of shots of me so I snapped this quick just for you guys


So that brings us to this months challenge…let’s take a look together and see what I’ve gotten myself into this month ;p


Day 1 – My view today

The nights sky…so far it’s pretty starless, and sadly I completely missed the meteor that just swooshed by, but you get the moon and what I *think* is the north star



Colorful Food? Nope, It’s Colors & Food January 27, 2012

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I love these blog challenges but for the life of me I Can’t Keep Up!! Another 2:1 special day in The 30 Day Photo Challenge

Don’t laugh but as soon as read this one the song True Colors starting playing on repeat in my head…I see your true colors shinning through… But…I don’t have that album anymore so instead of a shot of an album color you get the next best [yet completely unrelated] thing…My flowers, this past summer, so bright and colorful


And for Part 2 of my catch-up post LUNCH

Lunch at SpringCreek – A chopped beef sandwich, potato salad, pickle spears, green beans with bacon pieces, and a water….and yes I had a roll too, you can’t go to SpringCreek without having their hot fresh from over rolls, but she hadn’t brought them by yet.


So…Have you linked up yet? January’s not over you could always do a 30 in 1 special 🙂



Friday Funnies

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Compiling a bunch of pics I’ve ran across online for your entertainment pleasure. *None of these photos were created by me, they were all shots I ran across on random websites* Hope you enjoy 🙂



-This is a real ad from years ago….oh how times have changed-



Because when Chuck Norris calls YOU answer!








Sadly I must confess I’m very guilty of this one

And finally one for all my teacher friends out there…

Need more hilarious pics to get you through your Friday afternoon? Check out Smile, It’s Funny Picture Time!


All Good Girls Walk Like This January 26, 2012

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…or at least all smart girls walk like this….A PSA (semi) #WordlessWednesday from me to you 🙂


Your keys could go a long way to help save you in a sticky unsafe situation, I walk everywhere like this.

***I am in no way promoting violence or suggesting random senseless shankings….just saying always be aware of your surroundings and always protect yourself!***


What Am I Doing?

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Day 25….I can’t believe January’s almost over, crazy how time flies!
Today’s topic – Routine….again
So…What am I doing tonight??


Every evening, after dinner / pre bedtime, we watch Sponge Bob Square Pants (…then usually iCarly but don’t tell my son I told you that part 😉)

~On a side note, anyone else ever wondered why a sponge lives in a bikini bottom with sandy cheeks and crabs? …just saying….


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