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FebPhotoADay – Catching Up February 18, 2012

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Blue Heart Phone Something New Time

No, I’m not rambling due to a severe case of Bloggy Blankittus…I’m just playing catch up, again, on the FebPhotoADay Challenge!

1st up – BLUE
How about a thought thrown on a semi blueish background?


Surprisingly enough it still works


I’ve got 3 for this one…a sign for a Valentine’s day pizza, sweets for my cuties, and my keys




….Hmmm what’s new around here? We’re pretty uneventful these days (thankfully **knocks on wood**) , so for something new I give you the little mans cereal…it actually has milk in it! If you know autism & picky eaters you know this is pretty amusing as a parent 🙂


Last up – TIME
An arm full of watches….I bet with all these on I’d still manage to run late…oh well, I’ll just blame that on the kids…shhh don’t tell ;p

This is actually part, well an arm-full, of the hubby’s watch collection


That’s it, I’m caught up! Until tomorrow at least. Have you joined in?



2 Responses to “FebPhotoADay – Catching Up”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    How on earth did you get one of the boys to eat cereal WITH milk? and which one?

  2. […] when I showed you guys a pic of the hubs broken phone a few days ago? It was in a FebPhotoADay post…If you forgot…[because I KNOW you read the post…right?]…here’s a […]

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