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Drawing a Blank… February 17, 2012

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I’ve been drawing a bloggy blank for weeks now….Give me a topic to ramble about I’ll yammer on for hours, but give me a blank piece of paper and say write and I’ve got nothing…In fact I usually just end up with a sheet full of doodles. I don’t know how you guys do it, come up with new, amusing, entertaining posts almost daily.

My brain is full of random thoughts flowing though my head at a million miles an hour. Random ramblings, rants, lists, religious thoughts, thoughts about loved ones, pointless thoughts, deep thoughts, thoughts about what I need to do, celebrity gossip, flashbacks, thoughts about TV shows and movies, my two cents on all the news happenings, song lyrics….The wheels are always turning…Then there’s my day, it’s always filled with humorous & or jaw dropping kiddo shenanagins. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t get covered in mud, syrup, soap, toothpaste, or someone doesn’t UFC their brother, beat up a wall, trash the house, roll in fingerpaints, color themselves with Sharpies and nail polish, fingerpaint in butter…something….but none of it seems blog worthy…

So when I sit down, I’ll babble out a few lines of jibberish, sometimes a few paragraphs, then I draw a blank….if I even get that far. Half the time I stare at a blank screen just wondering ‘what to blog about’….and Why do I it? Drive myself crazy over drawing a blogging blank….because I really do enjoy blogiging…I enjoy sharing my ramblings……I just ………..hmm….drawing another bloggy blank……{See what I mean}………Peace out……………I’ll be back, don’t worry, next time with a complete thought I promise 😉 ………

But until then I’m always full of Easy inexpensive meals in Money Saving Meals, and I promise I’m trying to stay caught up on all the great Link-Ups , be sure to check them out, I’ve found some great new blogs to blogstalk follow, you will too, I’m sure 🙂


6 Responses to “Drawing a Blank…”

  1. Getting a blog writer’s block is no fun..I joined a writer’s workshop kind of blog geared towards moms, called …..You can submit you email, you’ll get a couple writing propmts every Tuesday to your inbox and then for those you can post your responses every Thrusday to HER blog, in turn getting more traffic to your page……but you can also go to the website everyday and there will be a writing prompt everyday if you are having a case of silence

  2. […] I’m not rambling due to a severe case of Bloggy Blankittus…I’m just playing catch up, again, on the FebPhotoADay […]

  3. […] hate all the whinning…in fact I have 2 posts ranting all about it, just waiting for my Bloggy Blankitis to go away so I can finish up the posts….Venting is 100% okay, but realizing autism isn’t […]

  4. […] hate all the whinning…in fact I have 2 posts ranting all about it, just waiting for my Bloggy Blankitis to go away so I can finish up the posts….Venting is 100% okay, but realizing autism isn’t […]

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