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Wordless Wednesday February 15, 2012

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You guys know I’m always breaking changing bending the rules…And you know I’m still voting we change it from Wordless Wednesday to Speechless Wednesday because I’m no good at being wordless, but I love a pic that will leave me speechless…So this week for Wordless Speechless Wednesday I give a pic I borrowed from FB….


**Disclaimer—You guys know NOTHING I post is intended to offended, and for the most part I try to stay controversy free. That being said… these are my views, and while I respect everyone’s views and their rights to have those views, I ask that same courtesy


8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. theuglymoose Says:

    Well I don’t respect your view, it’s disgusting. Should I respect people that walk around with signs at funerals saying God Hates Fags too?

    • Sara Says:

      I don’t believe a personals sexual preference is mine or anyone else’s business but their own. I do not judge or care either, whatever makes that person happy. I don’t believe, agree with, or approve of the sign you speak of. I also do not believe in disrespecting / speaking ill of the dead or protesting their funerals. My views on abortion (and this picture) have nothing to do with anything you speak of.

      • theuglymoose Says:

        My point being I don’t have to respect anyone’s point of view, as you seem to state that I should. You’re free to hate my point of view, but I don’t demand you respect it.

    • Sara Says:

      Oh…& The God I believe in hates no one 🙂

      • theuglymoose Says:

        Well there’s so many of them. I’m glad you’ve chosen a nice one.

      • Sara Says:

        touche…Not exactly what I meant…

        I think a lot can get lost between one’s thoughts, a post, and another’s take on the writing. I was in no way demanding respect of any sort, or demanding anyone respect my opinions or agree with them. More or less just asking for the common courtesy that if one does not agree and chooses to comment that no nasty comments are necessary.

  2. grammyjj Says:

    Well, I do respect your views. And UGLYMOOSE, you have chosen an appropriate name – it suits you. I’m sorry your mother never taught you the meaning of the word “respect”, or the concept of respecting the right others have to possess a view that differs from your own. Perhaps when you mature a bit more, you’ll understand the concept.

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