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Last Minute Valentine’s Do’s & Don’ts February 14, 2012

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It’s Valentine’s Day!!! For all you last minute shoppers – a couple of good and some terribly tragic not so good gift ideas for your honey

Buying sweets for you sweet is always a nice gesture, but don’t buy them fat free sugar free treats with a note saying ‘Pudge free sweets for my sweetie’

A night in a fancy shmancy hotel, room service, flowers, wine, the whole nine yards….very romantic. A pay by the hour motel, flower scented air freshener, and boxed wine…..not so romantic

While it may be okay to spank one’s honey, DO NOT buy them Spanx as a Valentines gift

A bouquet of flowers is a classic Valentines gift, however if those flowers are accompanied with a card that says ‘I’m sorry for you loss, We’ll miss you Nana’ it probably won’t go over too well…so if you must steal flowers for your honey from the local cemetery, at least have the common sense to take the card off

So that’s it folks….a few tips on what NOT to do to survive this holiday.




3 Responses to “Last Minute Valentine’s Do’s & Don’ts”

  1. At this point an hour at the motel to nap in peace is not sounding to bad…

    • Sara Says:

      I’m always up for a nap! 🙂 Just maybe not in a pay by the hour motel…I’d spend my whole hour worrying about bedbugs and get no rest lol

  2. grammyjj Says:

    Any holiday with the initials “VD” is one to be approached with caution!

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