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I Don’t Get It?!? February 14, 2012

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What don’t you understand? When I don’t understand something 3 things come to mind

1st up – Google it

2nd – Ask God when you get to heaven (This one works for all things I’m unsure of…)

And number 3 – This song pops into my head

But that never stops one from wondering…right? So a few things I don’t understand, some mildly entertaining, some super serious, and all just my two cents… (Most not going past the Google it stage of my list…) – Fell free to share yours too!

  • Pajamas / sweats in public – TAKE SOME PRIDE PEOPLE!!

    At Least Spring For These

  • Why as Americans we think it’s gross to get things like pigs eyeballs, bugs, fish heads, or cow tongues but we love to dig into a big slice of bacon like it’s nothing –  Aka  – pigs ass
  • Peoples need to hang on – it’s okay to let go
  • Uggs and shorts….I’ll give you that the boots are cute, but they are winter boots…wearing them with shorts, especially in winter just says Hey I’m really insecure and need you to look at my ass as I freeze to death..but don’t worry I have winter boots on so I’ll pretend to be warm
  • Moms dressing their little girls like little hookers
  • Iced Tea – drinking iced tea is as backwards to me as eating melty ice cream
  • The misconception many people, cashiers at the grocery store in particular, have that ‘How are you?’ is a question and not a greeting. No one cares how you really are, a simple ‘No complaints’ is a great answer
  • Karma, I’ve tried to believe in it, but it just doesn’t work for me…too many bad things happen to many undeserving people for it to be karma, IMO
  • Miracle whip, American cheese, and margarine – They aren’t real….I don’t care what you say!
  • Peoples (including my own from time to time) need to have the last word
  • People who will only adopt babies, there are so many children out there who need a loving home, I honestly feel if someone’s so selfish that they only want a baby maybe they’re too selfish for a child
  • Baths – you’re sitting in a tub of your own funk – grossness!
  • Not closing the lid before flushing – butt particles flying everywhere!! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little on this one….Btw – Butt particles are real, and really gross, think about it….someone passes gas, you smell it….you are smelling something…That something you are smelling is butt particles, and their butt funk is actually, literally, in your nose.
  • Selfish parents – It’s not about us anymore, it’s about the children…all your wants get (and rightfully so) pushed to the back burner for at least the next 18 years
  • How no one thinks that pumping massive amounts of oil out of the center of the earth will not result in some sort of repercussions
  • Why ladies gripe about wearing make-up. I’d hate to be a guy, when I get a giant pimple I can pull out the spackle and paint and hide it, guys just have to tough it out…I think, as ladies, wer’re pretty lucky
  • People who leave their barking dogs out all night….If they don’t want to hear them bark, what makes them think the whole neighborhood does?

    No Yapping Dogs Here

  • Celebrities pushing their opinions on political candidates…don’t they know there are a lot of people out there who barely have the sense God gave a goose and will go along with whatever said celeb says…I’m looking at YOU Oprah, among others….
  • Ladies wanting equal treatment but getting pissed over doors not being held for them, tabs not being picked up for them, etc
  • Saying I Can’t….to quote my great grandmother – ‘Can’t never could do nothing’ or basically, get off your rear and get to it…you’ll get it done…whatever it is
  • Worrying about things you can’t do anything about
  • Parents blaming autism….all autism means is that as parents we need to find new / better / more creative ways to get through to our cuties
  • Parents letting their kids hit them….I don’t care who it is…my child, random person, anyone, you put your hands on me, it’ll be the first and last time, end of story. (and no I’m not saying anything about spanking, spatting, hitting, anything physical in any way)
  • Why blame McD’s for childhood obesity, why not blame the parent who buys the McD’s?
  • What in the world would make anyone think it’s a good idea to drop the space station into the ocean
I’m sure I could go on and on….but before I bore you to tears….I’ll close with one final thought….
  • Why the pot is always so quick to call the kettle black

So….What don’t you understand??


18 Responses to “I Don’t Get It?!?”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    OK my dear, I’m not sure who’s child you are, but I’m beginning to wonder… I can’t imagine WHY you don’t like Iced Tea. That aside, I agree with most of your issues, except – (once again with the food) – AMERICAN CHEESE, Miracle Whip (I’ll give you margarine)!!! I KNEW you were not a TRUE American 🙂 !! You’re “heritage” is showing, and not the right side – lol. You know I’m just joking with ya! You’re right on target with the important stuff! Keep on ranting!!!

    • Sara Says:

      I don’t even know where to begin with you…I’m beginning to think you may be a lost cause with your iced tea, american cheeses, and Miracle whip! And I’ve got dad on my side on this one lol

  2. XLMIC Says:

    Isn’t makeup akin to American cheese, margarine and Miracle Whip? It isn’t REAL. And it actually is bad for your skin.

    And I found out the sweats thing…people want to look like they’re about to engage in physical activity creating the illusion of health. Does that kind of work? LOL

    Your rant cracks me up 🙂

    • Sara Says:

      I love your take on the sweats thing…maybe I’ll have to reconsider my thoughts on them…And while you are 100% right my make up is faker than American cheese and Miracle Whip combined….but without the make up I can be pretty scary looking lol 🙂

      • XLMIC Says:

        All a woman needs to be lovely is to wear a smile.

        I’m so scary-looking that I figured years ago that even make-up wouldn’t help 😛

  3. Ugh. American cheese is gross. WHITE American cheese is yummy! And yes to closing the lid before flushing. Particles can fly up to three feet while flushing. And don’t knock the pig’s ass. It’s delicious! Eyeballs on the other hand? Gross.

    • Sara Says:

      I’m a cheddar fan, and the lid closing a huge pet peeve of mine….the toothbrushes are way to close to the toilet to not shut the lid! I’m a fan of pig rear, and while I haven’t tried eyeballs I have to say I’m curious about all the parts of the animals we waste…I blame shows like Bizarre Foods and No Reservations…they have me wanting to try it all 🙂

  4. This rant has something for everyone! I’m with you on the pajamas in public (especially in the airport). I may be disorganized, but I always get dressed before I leave the house!

  5. Ado Says:

    All of it all of it all of it!!! Totally with you! Moms dressing their little girls like hookers. High schoolers wearing shorts and Uggs. PJs in public? No way!
    Great post (-:

  6. I’ve been advocating closing the toilet lid BEFORE flushing for years. Glad to hear I’m not the only one!

  7. I am with you on the bath thing.Lived in my grandparents’s 200 year old house with no shower one summer. Totally icky. Do not understand how that’s restful. Great list.–Erin

  8. I say the same thing to my wife every time she takes a bath. It’s just gross.

    Just thinking about Miracle Whip makes me nauseous.

    Iced Tea is amazing. I’d think it would come in handy in the summer in Texas, no? I’m also a hot tea fan, so I can go either way.

    And an FYI, Uggs were created by/for surfers to wear after they got out of the ocean, so they were intended to be worn with shorts.

    Great list. Glad I found you through Yeah Write #44!

    • Sara Says:

      I had no idea about the Uggs…but I still don’t understanding wearing them on the winter with shorts like the boots will keep the rest of you warm lol

      I’m loving YeahWrite, it’s been such a great way to run across so many wonderful blogs 🙂

  9. Mayor Gia Says:

    I HATE UGGS AND SHORT SKIRTS!!! In the summer? Ick! Your feet must be SO sweaty and gross.

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