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Doors, Doodles, Happiness, & What’s Hiding In The Closet February 12, 2012

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I’m not even apologizing for it this time…of course I’m running behind on the FebPhotoADay Challenge…but I’m here today to play catch-up…again ;p

Front Door

My front doors pretty boring so I give you the front door to a Fire Station


A Self Portrait

A doodle of me…okay it looks nothing like me but it’s all I got ;p


Makes Me Happy

This ones a few months old but it was the first time I heard my cutie say The Pledge Of Allegiance ….all by himself….the cutie who was almost completely nonverbal a little over a year ago…


Inside My Closet

My Wedding Album hides on a shelf in my closet…here’s a shot of the first & last pages



There you have it…Days 9, 10, 11, & 12….Have YOU linked up yet?



One Response to “Doors, Doodles, Happiness, & What’s Hiding In The Closet”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    I know I may be partial – but I LOVE your “makes me happy” day. I think we were all ecstatic! Toot may be ornery – but he sure can tug at the heartstrings!
    Your “Inside my closet” day makes ME happy! That was such a happy day for all of us! I’ve never been to such a relaxed, fun wedding that was so full of joy! You and hubby set the tone and it was amazing! You can see from the looks on your faces at the reception that it was just a wonderful day for all! Your Daddy and I were SO proud (NO Bridezilla here folks!)!
    I do take exception to your doodle…I’ve seen much better and more prolific. And I’ve seen them EVERYWHERE…mostly places they aren’t supposed to be, like my grocery list, my “to do” list, my notes to my self, but NEVER on the doodle pad I specifically bought for you (and we wonder where Toot gets it?)!

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