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No Social Media?? I’m Lost! February 9, 2012

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I’m stumped this week…

Mama’s Losin’ It

I was going to tell you where I was 10 years ago today, but that was my senior year of high school, and I’ve already shared more than enough about High School Me in last week’s link-up. Then there’s a poem to your Valentine. I LOVE my hubby, but we don’t do Valentine’s Day, and as for a poem I’m lost after Roses are red, Violets are blue….Next topic choice, a twist on the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If you give a mom _____. This one didn’t work for me either since I haven’t read the book.

Two choices left – Who’s at your front door….That’s not a very interesting story….other than the occasional door to door sales person (who I ignore), and the monthly diaper delivery our front door is a pretty uneventful (and thankfully so) place. Last up, Without social media I….

Without Social Media I

  • would get a lot more done around the house, I waste spend entirely too much time playing online
  • would have taken all the books on autism, that I read nonstop after we first received out autism diagnoses, books written by experts and specialists, too seriously and would have lost my mind.
  • wouldn’t know what’s happening anywhere in the world at any moment…usually before the major news stations break the stories
  • wouldn’t be able to ask random questions to strangers and get an answer within minutes
  • would actually have to watch the commercials….our remote broke and until I replace it social media provides entertainment value during those commercial breaks
  • wouldn’t be able to say a mom who lives across the county, or halfway around the world, whom I’ve never met in person, a friend
  • wouldn’t be able to tell tons of people I’ve never met about all my fake problems
  • wouldn’t be able to stay in touch with family as easily…okay this one’s an excuse, there’s always been phone calls, writing letter, etc., but I’m a slacker and things like FB make it easier to stay in touch
  • couldn’t have my random ramblings heard, for free, shared with anyone interested in reading them…by the way Thank YOU For Stopping By 🙂
  • might have stabbed my own eyeballs out during #SummerVacayChaos, and ripped off my ears by the time #SummerVacayHell kicked in
  • don’t think it would be nearly as easy for anyone, anywhere to have their voices heard
  • couldn’t bribe positively reinforce the kiddos good behavior during therapy with YouTube on their iDevices….not to mention how much the kids have actually learned from YouTube Videos
  • think kids’ lives might be a little simpler….yes there have always been ways for kids to get into mischief but things like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (does it even exist anymore?) put those mistakes out there for the whole world to see….and they don’t go away
  • would actually have to open a book to find a recipe for what I want to make for dinner
  • would lose my mind!!!

To sum it all up (I’d say to make a long story short but I’ve rambled wayyyy to much for that lol) ….Without social media I would be lost, bored, and have a much cleaner house…funny how just 2 or 3 years ago I knew nothing of any social media and I never felt anything was missing by any means, but now I’m spoiled, I love the convenience of having the world at your fingertips….So…without social media where would you be?

That’s all I’ve got….Have you linked up yet???

Mama’s Losin’ It



One Response to “No Social Media?? I’m Lost!”

  1. kaye Says:

    social media has made a big impact in our lives. I enjoyed your post. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

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