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Buttons for dinner at 10 a.m. with a stranger?! February 7, 2012

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A stranger, 10a.m., dinner, & a button…Man I’m running behind again…but I really do enjoy these challenges so thanks for putting up with my always late posts 😉

Day 4 – A Stranger
I never left the house on the 4th, therefore I saw no strangers…but I didn’t know this guy, so I guess he could be considered a stranger…before he became dinner…


Day 5 – 10a.m.
I intended to snap a pic at 10a.m. on the fifth but honestly, when 10am rolled around my hands were so full trying to get ready for a family lunch that it completely slipped my mind…so you get a shot of me at 10a.m. on the 6th…Yup, I’m at the dentist having a root canal…fun stuff! It’s okay to be jealous ;p


Day 6 – Dinner
While I could call the ribs a double whammy, I won’t be that cheap lazy…well I won’t do that today lol
Last nights dinner was potato soup


Day 7 – Button
My sons favorite button on the microwave



One Response to “Buttons for dinner at 10 a.m. with a stranger?!”

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    […] some days and play catch-up and come up with some fun entries featuring multiple ideas, like Buttons For Dinner At 10am With A Stranger?! I’m sure, before too long, I’ll have a post with multiple days – you know, once […]

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