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Finishing Up January While Kicking Off February February 2, 2012

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Well I know you’re probably thinking this lady’s crazy?! Why would she commit to another 30 Day Photo Challenge when she still hasn’t finished last months….Well I have a plan! I’m no good at posting daily, and there’s no point in driving myself mad with it, Real Life happens that’s all there is to it, so this time around I’ll post as often as I can but expect fewer posts with more photos smushed into them…oh and don’t forget to join in the link up too!

Well I know you must be on the seat of your pants or is it the seat of your chair? Anyways, the last of January’s challenges and the start of February’s:

Day 28 – Light
Day 29 – In your fridge

So I give you The light in my fridge


Next Up Day 30 – Nature

The closest I’ve got is the monster harassing an earth worm in the back yard….a worm that we argued about for 15 minutes because one of us insisted he was not a worm but actually a snake.


Finally to wrap up January, Day 30 – Another pic of me…sorry about the mess in the background….I don’t have a lot of shots of me so I snapped this quick just for you guys


So that brings us to this months challenge…let’s take a look together and see what I’ve gotten myself into this month ;p


Day 1 – My view today

The nights sky…so far it’s pretty starless, and sadly I completely missed the meteor that just swooshed by, but you get the moon and what I *think* is the north star



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