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The Storm January 27, 2012

Filed under: Link Ups,thoughts,Uncategorized — Sara @ 7:47 pm
The calm before the storm
The quiet before the rain
The lightening flashes
The crackalacking begins
The sky open up
The rain pours dow
Streams of rainwater flow down
Let the storm take all your problems away with it
Let the rain wash them away

Pop a beer
Curl up in a blanket
Watch your troubles wash away
Run outside and dance
Enjoy the storm
Enjoy the rain
Enjoy every moment knowing This too shall passSo I’m joining in MamaKat’s weekly link up again this week….she had me stumped this week I have to admit. My topic choice – #2 – A Poem using the word Storm. Well I have to say I’m the furthest thing from a poet… I love poems, but writting them has never been my strong suit….so I hope you enjoy my attempted poetry 🙂 —Consider yourself lucky…I was going to pick topic #1 but that post would have bored you to death…It would have went something like this:Once I had my babies I chose to be a sahm instead of returning to the workforce because child care for infant twins would cost just as much if not more than I could make, especially considerening I didn’t really have a job pre-kids…just went to school and worked part time….so there wasn’t really much decision making there….it was work to pay for your kids to be in daycare or be a sahm….then 3 months later I was pregnant again…and well if I didn’t want to pay for childcare for 2, I certianly didn’t want to pay for it times 3…Oh and daycares and autism rarely mix….So there you have it….my attempt at poetry ( I warn you I do have another *attempted* poem in my bloggy file waiting to be shared in the semi near future lol) and why I never went back to work….what can I say….MamaKat gave me such good topics this week I had to throw my 2cents in on 2 of them!Mama’s Losin’ It

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