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Flying Doodie January 9, 2012

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Every morning as I rush around getting the kids and I ready for school I tend to follow a routine, as many of you do I’m sure….my routine is probably far from normal, but it works for me….but I digress… Every morning I wake the boys up, change their pull up and tell them to go to the potty, I need to be no more than a step behind them on the way or they’ll lie back down or try to watch TV instead of getting ready. Now I have a full diaper, a clear path to the trash can across the room, and a child headed the potty….What would be more logical than to chunk the overflowed diaper across the house and into the trash? So every morning I change the child, shoo them toward the bathroom, and chunk the diaper along the way….simple enough right??

The other day my hubs changed the full diaper but instead of chunking it he told the little man to take it to the trash. The monster grabbed the pull up, ran to the edge of the kitchen and stopped. Then it happened….He wound up and chucked it, just like mom, but he’s timing was off….He let go a little too early and I ended up with a face full of funky diaper…Good Morning to me….Maybe it’s payback for the time I rolled up a full diaper and chunked it to someone to throw away for me, while yelling ‘Merry Christmas‘ and lmbo …Hmmmm ….


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