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A Few Of My Favorite Things January 8, 2012

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Day 7 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge:

Favorite…Favorite What?

-Favorite Food – Too many to choose from

-Favorite Person – I have 4

-Favorite Color – Blue, or sparkly…is sparkly a color? No, well colors another’s day challenge so that’s probably not right either…

-Favorite Pet – Nope, I love my two stupid dogs equally

So Favorite What?! Maybe my favorite favorite? Oh this is too much, it shouldn’t be this difficult right….let’s see… Favorite date, favorite holiday, favorite song, favorite day of the week, favorite place maybe? Maybe a favorite bit of advice? Too many favorites to choose from!

Well this list of ‘possible’ favorites is getting pretty long and I’m still not coming up with a specific favorite…So how about a picture for each of the fav’s above….

Fav Food – (Let’s cheat here and go with a semi generic answer). It’s a toss up between Persian food and sweets



Favorite person – I can’t pick just 1…so I’m giving you 1 pix of all of us


Hey getting us all in one pix is nearly impossible ;p

Favorite Color – Sparkly Blue


Favorite Pet- Hmmm how do I pick just one?


Favorite Date (& Favorite Holiday) – My birthday (which is my favorite day) falls on/or ridiculously near a holiday every year making it a long weekend so I consider my birthday my fav holiday too lol

These are from my bday this past year. Great friends, wonderful hubby, awesomely fun (& rum) filled night.


Favorite Song – Again there’s so many to choose from, I love many different types of music & songs, and all for different reasons….so let’s go with the first song I ever really remember liking as a kid.


Favorite Day of the Week – Saturday or Monday….yes I said Monday. Being a sahm Monday’s are my day to recover from all the weekend shenanagins….until #SummerVacayChaos begins then Monday becomes just another day.


Favorite Place – A quiet, clean beach with the family….I’m not too picky, any beach will do ;p


Favorite Bit of Advice – I love quotes and sayings (see my sidebar for some of my favorites I’ve come up with) But as for best overall advice…I have 3




So now that I’ve wasted enough of your time….without ever specifically answering the question no less…I’m going to call it. These are a few my favorite things….what are yours?


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