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Ghosts of Blogging Past December 19, 2011

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I ran across this great link up Chosen Chaos& Mommy2cents are having!! Ghosts of Blogging Past…Here’s how it works:

Go into your archives and pull out a post from your first week of blogging, then post the link here: Mommy2cents Easy enough right? Here’s the thing…I’m new to blogging, and I only wrote 1 post that first week, so here it is:

Slackermomness ~ A Random Thought

I was laying on the couch with the boys watching Monsters Inc for the thousandth time, avoiding everything that needed to be done around the house. In-Home therapy was in an hour and the house was still a wreck. Laundry overflowing from the dirty hamper, clean clothes unfolded in the laundry room, a sink full of dishes, unswept floors, half-dressed kiddos. As i was sitting with R I decided that despite my slakermomness I must be doing pretty good because Boo’s parents didn’t even notice she was missing and she was gone for how long? Then there’s Max & Emmy on Dragon Tales they disappear on a regular basis to go hang out with dragons…..So thank you Disney and Public Television for making me feel that much better about slacking off… BTW I did get the laundry/dishes/ floors/ etc done before therapy :-D

There you have it, my first post as a blogger….Now it’s your turn…Go Join The Link Up NOW!!!

10 Responses to “Ghosts of Blogging Past”

  1. Life As Wife Says:

    So agree! What about that darn Dora? Really running around by herself on adventures?

    • Sara Says:

      Yes!! And her parents know she’s off running wild lol
      Then there’s Sponge Bob….I mean he lives in a bikini bottom w/ crabs and sandy cheecks ;p

  2. Mommy2¢ Says:

    Haha! I love it!! You sound exactly like me! And you are right!… I’m totally a rock star (non-slacker) mom compared to the parents on those shows. You’ve totally just made my day! Thanks so much for linking up with us for Ghosts for Blogging Past! 🙂

  3. It is so true. Have you ever seen Ponyo? Mom flat out drinks a beer when she is mad at her husband and leaves a 5 yr old alone to babysit as the entire place is flooding. After seeing that I figure I am doing a DAMN good job!!!

  4. Ooh, and all this time I’ve been feeling bad about my slackerish ways. All I had to do was compare myself to the parents of Disney characters? Well, perfect. I’m a regular mom of the year now!

  5. The part about you laying with them totally counts as quality time in my book! Thanks for linking up!

  6. A moment of calm with the kiddos doesn’t equate to slackerness (plus the fact that you got the laundry done makes me think you are so NOT a slacker…like…ever). Stopping by from #bloggy past!

  7. mamamash Says:

    I think it’s equally, if not more important to just spend time “being” with the kids than keeping their environment clean. 🙂

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