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The ABC’s of ME December 6, 2011

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I ran across this at great list at Chosen Chaos and thought I’d join in….I have filled this out on FaceBook before as a note, but this is an updated version of my ABC’s of Me

A – Age – 27

B – Bed Size – Hmmm…..I think it’s a queen? But truthfully by midnight many nights my bed has been taken over by children and dogs and I’ve migrated to the couch

C – Chore that you hate – Can I say all of them? No…Laundry then. I hate laundry….with 5 people I can never keep up!

D – Dogs – Rocco (a lab/chow mix) and Magnus (a pit mix)

E – Essential start to your day – Caffeine…and lots of it….just hook the IV up and I’ll be good to go

F – Favorite color – Blue

G – Gold or Silver – I don’t discriminate…..the more sparkle the better

H – Height – 5’1

I – Instruments you play – I’m musically challenged

J – Job Title – Hmmm…..SAHM / HBIC / Co-CEO Co-CFO / Chauffeur / Short Order Cook / Laundry Expert / Minor Injury Fixer / & the list goes on…you know all the typical SAHM duties 😉

K – Kids – 7 year old twins and a 6 year old, all boys…and yes the dogs are boys too…I’m pretty outnumbered

L – Live – Wouldn’t you like to know {j/k}….I’m in the US

M – Mother’s name – Mom

N – Nicknames – none since I was in school

O – Overnight hospital stays – 3 – When I was 11 I was in the hospital for a week after a back surgery, then for my twins birth and for their little brothers’

P – Pet Peeve’s – I did a blog post on this one 5 Pet Peeves…go check it out, I’ll be here when you get back ;P

Q – Quote from a movie – “Don’t take life to seriously, you’ll never get out alive” – Van Wilder

R – Right or left handed – Right, my left hand is practically useless

S – Siblings – Nope, an only child

T – Time you wake up – Too early! Usually 5:45

U – Underwear – Not even going there….

V – Vegetable you hate – carrots

W – What make you run late – My scatterbrainedness, playing on my phone, 3 kids, 2 dogs, locking myself in (yes in), misplaced keys, should I go on?

X – X-Rays you’ve had – too many to count

Y – Yummy food that you make – Sticky buns

Z – Zoo Animals – I don’t like zoo’s …between the fact that we’re caging animals for our amusement to the funktastic smell, it’s just not my kind of place..but if we can throw in Sea World animals to the mix I’m in, and my favorite would be the dolphins

So there you have it, The ABC’s of Me…..What are your ABC’s? Let’s link them up 🙂

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3 Responses to “The ABC’s of ME”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    So, you don’t like Princess Hole in the Nose as a nickname. I thought it was pretty genius!…


  2. Jessica Says:

    Like it! Will repost it here in a few!!

  3. I’m so glad you did this too! When you need some girl time come visit!

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