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I Busted My Yolk?! November 27, 2011

Filed under: food,photos,Uncategorized — Sara @ 8:52 pm

See fried eggs are Heart Healthy

Nothing’s worse than a busted yolk in your fried eggs….but this one busted into a heart….pretty cool if I do say so 🙂


5 Responses to “I Busted My Yolk?!”

  1. petedenton Says:

    I always hoped fried eggs were good for your heart. This must be proof!

  2. That must be some kind of good luck sign!!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Very cool! I have a friend who calls moments like this “His fingerprints” (like God’s fingerprints) :):):)

  4. lheyralston Says:

    Aaaaw that is so pretty 🙂 Just perfect!

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