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She’s Back!! It’s Dorothy 2 November 25, 2011

You remember Dorothy’s Tragic Tale right? The pet fish with the shortest life span ever…and how after Dorothy’s demise I said No More Pets [other than the 2 giant *cowdogs we already have]

She’s Back!!!! No, this isn’t the story of a flesh eating zombie fish coming back to haunt us for cutting her fish life short, and don’t worry no ones faces have been eaten off or anything crazy like that, we are all still one piece…But I have you’re attention now…right?? (Yes I am cracking myself up as I type this…humor me it’s early lol)

The other day my aunt surprised Ry with the coolest Dorothy replacement ever! Check this out, it’s awesome….A glass bowl with a screw on lid, color changing lights, real water, and a motion activated fish that looks almost lifelike.


The kids love our new fish and after a refresher course in Fish Parenting 101 we seem to be good to go.

Lesson 1 – We do not shake the Fish (haven’t you heard of Shaken Fish Syndrome)

Lesson 2 – Dorothy DOES NOT leave her home, in her fish house, which has now been moved to the kitchen table

Lesson 3 – We DO NOT open Dorothy’s lid

Lesson 4 – We Do NOT Shake the Fish….I may have mentioned this one before

I haven’t gotten into if Dorothy is real or not, he hasn’t asked, and for now we are treating her like a real fish in hopes of teaching pet parent responsibilities…Plus real or not I don’t want a giant bowl of water and broken glass everywhere lol….

So far Dorothy has survived 6 days, so we have the original Dorothy beat by 6 days…I’m loving this new pet! No messes to clean, and if God forbid Dorothy face an accident at least no actual life is lost:)



A *cowdog is a giant dog who shares certain traits with the cow IE- huge, butts you with it’s giant (cow-ish) head, regurgitates food, cow pattie size poop, etc…


3 Responses to “She’s Back!! It’s Dorothy 2”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    Yea Dorothy! Aunt Mary ROCKS too!!

  2. aspiestreams Says:

    Laughing my ass off at the story of Dorothy – Do not shake the fish. Very funny!

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