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The ABC’s of Life November 10, 2011

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My list of important things to remember in life….ABC style

A – Always dream

B – Be Kind

C – Cupcakes are just muffins in disguise and therefore perfectly acceptable for breakfast *Undercover Muffins*

D – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – To quote Journey

E – Enjoy every moment

F – Find happiness

G – Give back

H – Handle your shit business

I – It’s going to be okay…whatever it is, it will be okay

J – Jingle Bells..& all other Christmas decorations should be taken down no later than New Year’s Day

K – Know your limits

L – Love Life, Live Life, Love, Love, Love

M – Monkey’s fling poo….don’t get a monkey

N – Never say never

O – Open your mind

P – People don’t change, and it’s not our job to change them

Q – Quiet children are usually up to no good

R – Remember the past, but don’t live in it

S – Stay positive

T – Think before you speak or post, tweet, text, whatever It may be

U – Use your common sense

V – Vegetables are actually kind of yummy….especially when cooked in bacon grease

W – Without the bitters, the sweet wouldn’t be so sweet’ – I can’t say I know who said this originally

X – Xeroxing your butt on the office copy machine is never a good idea

Y – You’ll never know if you don’t try

Z – Zippers can be dangerous….Remember There’s Something About Mary “Frank & Beans, Frank & Beans”)

Good Stuff *Also borrowed from an app

I Love This! Found it on an iPhone app


5 Responses to “The ABC’s of Life”

  1. SandySays1 Says:

    I like your list. Some humor and sage advice folded together. As a question coming from a canine i”d have to ask “Why do so few humans heed the rules given?” Even as a dog, I can identify with all but M and X.
    I never mess with monkeys and my Golden Retriever butt would look like shag carpeting if Xeroxed.

  2. grammyjj Says:

    I’m LOVIN “M”!!!

  3. 2legit2knit Says:

    I like I, M, and Q the best.

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