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A Drive November 8, 2011

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I get bored easily….and don’t tell me ‘Smart people don’t get bored’, or ‘Go dust something’ –The answers I got as a child for whining about boredom…I just like to go. I have Go-Ittus….I hate being cooped up in the house. I can find more (mostly pointless) errands to run and things to do, but on the weekends I want to do fun stuff with the family. This Saturday was no different. Kiddo baseball has ended for the season and now our Saturdays are free…and of course I whining I’m bored…So I had a bright idea (For some reason most of my bright ideas turn out being as bright as Lucy’s great ideas on I Love Lucy), the boys and I should go on a drive!

I put hoodies on everyone, we load into the car, and we’re off. First we drive through the old part of downtown. The twins are loving

Munchies for the Road

being out of the house and watching all the wild birds that have come to spend their winter here. We make a loop around the city, then stop at McD’s for munchies for the road. If you remember Part 1 of Dorothy’s Tragic Tale (, you know that by now Ry’s screaming and grumpy because he thinks we are about to head home. I park, pass out snacks, remind everyone we are just going to drive, and we’re off for round 2.

Where to go??? Another genius idea….I’ll take the boys to this spot I used to love as a teenager. I’d go there all the time, with friends, alone, to think, to chill, to just hang out and watch life go by….but do I remember how to get there? I haven’t driven there in years….I could have GPS’d it but where’d the fun in that be? We drove out over the lake, Ry now screaming because we didn’t stop at the water, the other two boys are enjoying the view….We drive, 1 turn after another, I found it! No wrong turns, 1st try.

We're on our way...Crossing the Lake

The gates weren't there before

10 years can do a lot….there are gates up, no trespassing signs, no parking signs, it’s just not the same….but if you look beyond that you can still see why this spot was awesome. While you can’t go down to the bottom anymore, when stopped (I was NOTparking!!) at the top of the hill you can still see the whole city. It’s still beautiful. Just to sit and know that down below the world is going on with their busy lives…everything from weekend errands, family fun, people working, crimes being committed, lives beginning and ending…and I’m sitting there watching it all happen.

Still Beautiful...You just have to look beyond the crap 😉

By now it’s getting late. We turn the car around, drive back down the twisty turny roads, cross over the lake (now Ry’s screaming ‘I want Water’), and make our way back to the casa. I’ve now learned that only 2 of my children are like their mother when it comes to being able to enjoy a drive…1 cutie seems to thinks drives are stupid and you should only get in the car if you have a specific destination….

Enjoying the View....But we are NOT PARKED!! Just Driving By 🙂

Final Thoughts – While time changes everything, if you take a moment and look beyond all the bs (or barricades and no parking signs) the beauty is still there…and no matter how crappy ones day is, no matter how you feel, the day is still going on with or without you, so make the best of it!!

**Dookie is take all the shit the day throws at you and plant something beautiful.

Driving Home...Excuse My Dirty Windshield lol


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  1. angela Says:

    It’s been a loooooong time since I heard the phrase dookie. I had to teach it to my auto correct. lol

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