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Dorothy the Fish – Part 1- The bad Day & The Bribe October 31, 2011

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You know those days where you can’t get a break? Where you feel like life just sucks?  Throw in feeling like it’s all your evil moms fault and top that off with a little bit of autism and you have my little man’s day….this is that story, which leads us into another friends story, may she RIP….. (A 2 part post about bribing your kids, it biting you in the rear, and the troubles of a six year old)

Ry had a dentist appointment at noon. The time we needed to leave wound up being during his lunchtime so instead I came to pick him up an 1/2 an hour early. We didn’t have enough time to go home and hang out so we hopped in the car and were in our way…which is where Ry’s day starts to go downhill and my true evilness shines through….

1st stop, McDonald’s. Ry’s screaming because he thinks he has to go home after (he’s a creature of routine, and most days after we leave McD’s we head back to the house).

I set him up with his lunch and we’re off…this time to drive by the stadium because I really wanted a picture of the World Series Banner. Ry’s upset again….he’s not sure why we’re driving by this stadium but he’s not impressed….and if you ask him since I did pull him out of school the least I could do is cater to his every desire while he’s hanging out with me. A couple of blurry shots as we drive in circles around the stadium and we’re back on our way. We pull up to the dentist 30 minutes before appointment time, I call to see if they can wiggle us in early, no such luck….so I drive to Half Priced Books….which happens to be right next to a fountain (Now, I have to say I knew ahead of time this might not be my brightest idea). Of course Ry wants to see the fountain, he’s screaming ‘water, water’, I’m saying ‘No its cold, let’s go see the books’. Ry wins, we walk over to the fountain just as the water turns off.  Ry doesn’t get why the waters off or why we can’t go ‘swimming’ in the fountain, or why he at least can’t push mommy in.

I convince him to walk over to the book store with me, he reluctantly agrees, dragging his feet and grumbling the whole way. They are out of the only thing he’s interested in, Dragon Tales DVD’s. I’m pretty sure this is my fault as well. We leave, now running behind to get the dentist, and as soon as we walk out of the book store they turn the stinking fountain on again…I mean, really?! With no time to stop and look, I load a generally grumpy Ry back into the car, he’s screaming ‘water’, and we’re off to the dentist.

We get there and let me just say, while I love my boys’ dentist and her staff is great, autism & waiting rooms don’t mix….Then we get

Helping to Keep the Dino's Teeth Clean

called back. I’m not going into details, but it was BAD….it took 4 of us to get him still enough to clean his teeth, him screaming ‘no way’ the whole time, tears, squirming, the whole 9 yards…and then some…it was a mess and half (Good news – No Cavities!)

We leave the dentist, and are off to my mom’s house to pick up some paperwork. Gramma’s is Ry’s FAVORITE place. And even better….it was just he and I so he got the whole house to himself….sounds like a good deal right?….Wait for it…EVIL MOM STRIKES AGAIN! ….After only 30 minutes I say it’s time to go. This does not go over well. Ry never wants to leave Gramma’s house, and certainly not after only half an hour. He is not in the slightest concerned that we have errands to run and it’s only an hour until time to pick up his brothers from school.

We pack up all our stuff, pick up the messes we made at Gramma’s house, steal some candy for the road, and are off. We pull into the strip where Target is and Ry sees PetCo. All I hear from the back seat is ‘Fish! Fish!’. We stop at the pet store – My plan – a 15 minute trip to let him check out a few fish then off to Target to finish up my errands for the day. Call it a ghetto frugal mom trip to the aquarium if you will lol…I know I’ve told you guys before- plans and myself just don’t work out. This was no exception. 15 minutes passes, I tell Ry, ‘We have to go, get ready’, of course he responds with, ‘no way’. But I have an idea!!! I’ll buy him a cheap little fish and we’ll be out of here in no time. He’ll be happy, I like fish, and it’s only 1, what could go wrong?

We now have ‘Dorothy’ (he named her after Elmo’s goldfish), my little man’s happy, and I still have time to get groceries, I’m feeling pretty genius at the moment….We get to the store, I put the fish in my purse, because it’s too cold to leave her in the car and we run in to do some quick shopping. Icing on the cake – Ry finds a Dragon Tales DVD at Target, and it’s only $4.75. By now I’m patting myself on my back for all my geniusness – I have a happy kid, a new fish, the movie he’s been searching for FOR-EV-ER, and it all cost under $6.oo.

Fast Forward an hour, we’re back home, everyone’s having snacks, and Ry’s ready to put Dorothy in her new home. Dorothy’s new home is a recycled upcycled apple sauce jar. I poked holes in the lid for air and we poured her in. Then came Ry’s fish parenting lessons:

Lesson 1 – We do not shake the Fish (haven’t you heard of Shaken Fish Syndrome)

I Promise I Poked Air Holes In The Top

Lesson 2 – Even though mom poured bottled water into Dorothy’s house before we put her in, we are NOT allowed to take icy cold bottled water from the fridge to top off Dorothy’s jar

Lesson 3 – Dorothy DOES NOT leave her home, in her fish house, on the counter

Lesson 4 – We DO NOT open Dorothy’s lid

Lesson 5 – We Do NOT Shake the Fish….I may have mentioned this one before

Want to know how Dorothy’s tragic tale ends….Come back soon to find out….Part 2 to be posted tonight…Hey, this turned out to be a REALLY LONG post, I figured I’d break into a 2 part series so you don’t get bored….You’re Welcome ;p


3 Responses to “Dorothy the Fish – Part 1- The bad Day & The Bribe”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    I’m lovin it so far…and I must say, I understand why Ryan loves his to go to Granny’s house. His Granny ROCKS!!! (evil grin)

  2. […] at McD’s for munchies for the road. If you remember Part 1 of Dorothy’s Tragic Tale (, you know that by now Ry’s screaming and grumpy because he thinks we are about to head home. […]

  3. Nice blog! Thank you for sharing!

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