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The Zoo…A twisted take on the field trip October 24, 2011

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Field Trip to the zoo….

Now, I could spend this post going on and on about how cute my kids were at the zoo, and how I was beyond impressed at how well behaved they were, and how generally perfect they were….which Yes, they were all of these things, but I’d rather waste take up a few minutes of your time with my twisted take on the zoo field trip.

First off, I have to say, I am not a fan of zoos. I never have been. I don’t like the idea of taking animals out of their habitat for our entertainment value, I don’t like the idea that zoo’s feel after caging the animals they should make it like their home in nature….I mean, really? You don’t make your pet cat hunt rats for its dinner or make your dog sleep under a plant so he feels like he’s sleeping in the woods. Hell, most of us spoil our animals like crazy…I say if you must remove these animals for nature to make money off of them, you might as well make their life as comfortable as possible. Then there’s the smell…I hate the smell of a zoo! Despite all my zoo hang-ups, it was my cuties first field trip so of course I had to go.

So, here’s what I discovered at the zoo… ( A Humorous take on the zoo)

***DISSCLAIMER*** This is intended to be a humorous posts, I’m pretty sure none of the animals are used to feed the others as a means of zoo population control, or some strange tactic to save money, or to make the animals feel as if they are in the wild….that being said here’s My Trip to the Zoo”

And that my friends was our trip to the zoo….Hope you enjoyed


4 Responses to “The Zoo…A twisted take on the field trip”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    OMG – I need new DEPENDS!! You are too funny!! I do remember that you never liked the zoo – even as a kid. I was always more excited on field trip day than you were. And you called the giraffe a “diraffe” until you lost an argument with your kindergarten teacher.

    Love, love, love the captions! and yes, the elephant’s butt is very realistic!

  2. For all the money zoos make you would think they would have nicer toilets.

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