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Reading & Re-Reading October 10, 2011

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A book you could read over and over again and never get sick of.

Confession Time– I haven’t read an actual book for pleasure in ages. I skim through autism books from time to time, read the news 2-3 times a day (I’m a news junkie), and read all sorts of junk online. But to read a book more than once…can’t do it…I already know what happens, why read it again? The ending is still the same, the story doesn’t change, the characters are still the same, it’s like watching a movie over and over– not my thing (however- with kids who watch everything on repeat, and their cartoon channels showing the same 4 episodes over and over I’m getting a little more patient about it).

When I was younger I loved Jane Green novels. I am also a huge fan of what I like to call toilet reading materials- books filled with useless facts and short tidbits of info. I love books filled with useless facts. One of my favorite books was one I found at a book clearance sale, it showed every major invention and how it worked from the past 100 years. Reading is knowledge, I like to read facts.
I still haven’t answered the question though – none of these books have I, nor do I have any desire to, read more than once. If I have to pick a book, I’ll give you two. The first is Fish Eyes – Okay It’s not one I can read over and over again, but rather listen to my son read over and over to me. It’s the first book Ry learned to read on his own. Autism + Mostly Nonverbal + A book he can read = The best book any parent can ever have!! And number two [which is actually the number 1 book] is one that while I admit I’ve never read cover to cover, it never gets old, and is full of lots of good stuff – The Bible .

What’s your book? Join me in the 30 Day Blog Challenge and let me know 🙂


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