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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15 October 4, 2011

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15 Interesting Facts About Me

Honestly, I’m not that interesting…let’s see…what can I tell you guys that you might at least find mildly intriguing?

1) I was there when they were tearing down the Berlin Wall….I was young and the wall was partially down already, but I was there. Somewhere, boxed away, we have pieces of both sides of the wall.

2) For someone who never shuts up once you get to know them, I can be ridiculously shy.

3) While I love my kids more than life itself, I had never planned to have kids. The thought of being a parent never even slightly interested me, instead I wanted a puppy. Funny how life has a way of showing you what you really want.

4) I don’t believe everything happens for a reason or for the best. I believe things happen and it’s on us to find the good in them.

5) I don’t know how to ride a bike. I mean I’d like to think I could if I had to, but I never learned as a kid and as an adult never took the time to learn.

6) As a child I was diagnosed with scoliosis. When my curve finally progressed enough to require surgery I got to be the first patient at the hospital to have the procedure done using a scope.

7) I’m terrified of roller coasters!!! It’s not heights, or the speed, or even the coaster itself. It’s the fear of falling out of the moving ride. You put me on a ride like Jaws at SeaWorld that harnesses you in, I’m good. But the carts with a bar or dinky little seat belt…no way you’re getting me on those!

8) I can pinpoint the above fear to two separate occasions where I was scared shitless because even though I was the right height to ride I was too light, so I’d end up standing straight up feeling like I was going to fall over the front of the ride.

9) Funny this one comes after my roller coaster fear – I’ve always wanted to go skydiving. Someday soon!!! (I’m hoping **Crosses Fingers**)

10) I’m loud…freakishly loud…I don’t mean to be, and it’s only at the most inopportune times. You know when you mumble something under your breath, or tell your friend ‘Hey look over there’….those times.

11) You will never convince me a butterfly is anything more than a worm with wings….their beauty is lost on me.

12) I was in Times Square for the Millennium.

13) I’m a make-up junkie, yet despite the giant drawers overflowing with products, for my eyes and lips I always tend to go back to to the same colors I’ve used since I first started wearing make-up

  • Clinique ‘Pair of Shadows’ Eye Shadow Duo [Starstruck & Golden Lynx]
  • Clinique ‘Black Honey’ Almost Lipstick (or a shade similar)

Hey, when you find what matches your skin tone stick with it.

14) I love to bake and cook – only if it will get eaten (which with 3 picky eaters doesn’t always happen lol) – okay this one’s not that interesting, but I’m running out of things to tell you…I’m really kind of boring

15) I love the smell of fresh cut grass

See…I’m not that interesting…but I guess if you’re still reading at least I didn’t bore you too much…Don’t forget – Join me in the 30 Day Blog Challenge – Just click here –


4 Responses to “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15”

  1. candace Says:

    Love #1! You should dig those wall pieces up and blog about them! Would love to see pics. 🙂

    • Sara Says:

      I found the pictures in front of the wall, but I think the actual pieces are stashed somewhere in a box at my parents house…now I”m curious…I’ll have to snoop next time I’m over lol.

  2. Jen Says:

    I did this last year and it took me forever to finish…ha. I am even late to my own blog…

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