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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12 October 3, 2011

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Bullet your day

I have two versions –

Version 1- (The Cliff Notes Version)

  • 5 ish – wake up and get the monsters ready for school
  • 7:50 – 10:30 Kids at school…wah stuff, catch up on the DVR, lazy time
  • 10:30 – 12:30 Running errands
  • 12:30 – 1:30 More Lazy time
  • 1:30 – 3:15 Running errands Take 2
  • 3:15 – 7:45 Lazy Time / Hanging with the family and a little cleaning
  • 7:45 – Make Dinner
  • 8 – 9:15 Eat Dinner and get the cuties ready for bed
  • 9:15 Off to harass the hubby and catch some ZZZzzzzz’s



Version 2 – (Same Day…But way more details than anyone could ever need or care to know lol)

  • 5 am-ish — Get woken up by a cutie searching my pockets for an iPod, stealing my blanket & trying to drag me out of bed


  • 5:10 — give up on sleep…searching for a kiddo iPod w/o turning any light on –(no luck)
  • 5:15 — reading the news, checking FB, catching up on WWF
  • 5:40 — Still awake, so is the kiddo…20 min until alarm is scheduled to go off…calling sleep a loss. Off to harass the cutie…Hey, he woke ME up, it must be at least partly because he wants to hang out with his awesome mom…right?


  • 5:50 – Colin has had enough of me….stole my phone and kicked me out of his room. Saw self in mirror for first time this morning…scary stuff…Now-teeth have been brushed and hair re-pulled up.


  • 6:05 – Spent the last 5 minutes searching for a hoodie that was hanging up in my closet all along (Hey these 70 degree mornings are icccccyyyyyy). Starting the morning now – dogs let out, starting to make lunches and get the little man something to eat


  • 6:15 – Load 1 of laundry started / back to making lunch


  • 6:35 – Kiddo still has the iPod and is watching YouTube ridiculously loudly / Now to get backpacks ready…Yes, I am such a slacker mom that I wait until the morning to go thru the kids bags.


  • 6:45 – Waiting for popcorn to pop (for school snack time) / throwing the kids clothes in the dryer…Gotta be wrinkle free!


  • 6:55 – 5 min break to sit on my butt and watch the news…the kids wake are supposed to wake at 7am


  • 7 – Get Mason out of bed in the 1st attempt to wake him


  • 7:05 – Giving Mason a break…of to work on waking Ry


  • 7:25 – 20 minutes later – 2 partially ready kids / 1 still sleeping / school in a few….running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.—Also—I hate the boys hair!!! I want to shave everyone’s head! So sick of fighting with boys who hate having their hair done #morningwhinning


  • 7:40 – 1 needs shoes / 1 needs meds / I need pants (No Pajama Moms Here) / everyone needs hoodies, then we are good to go


  • 7:45 – Last minute mom flip out over throwing my phone, hugs to make it all better, and we are off


  • 7:50 Kids at school / So beautiful out my lazy butt is walking to the mailbox instead of driving


  • 7:55 – Home, making breakfast for myself, playing on my phone and catching up on the DVR


  • 10:30 – Caught up on the TV,  finished my wah stuff, talked to the monsters doctor about pre-op for Monday’s dental stuff,  now to get ready to run errands #SpackleAndPuttyTime


  • 10:45 – Off to the kiddos Dr’s (Yes 2 different doctors)  to pick up RX’s ….driving through Downtown all I can think about is how it is such a beautiful day and I’d rather be at the Water Gardens.


  • 12:30ish – Got Home, yelled at the dog for confusing his dog food bowl and my trashcan, ate lunch, took off for round 2 of running errands.


  • 1:30 – Left the bank, realized I left the dog outside….rushing home to let him in the off the grocery store.


  • 2 – The dog surprisingly didn’t escape, now I’m sitting on my rear watching Rachel Ray while I should be out grocery shopping.


  • 2:20 – I’m off….take 2….To the grocery store….


  • 3:05 – Rushing Home to put the groceries away


  • 3:15 picking up The cuties


  • 3:20 — Snacks for the boys, listening to whining about lack of iPod / Ry has stolen the laptop to YouTube


  • 3:25 – Masons already playing on the soap…at least he keeps it in the sink these days


  • 3:30– Dishes done…hey if he must play in the sink the least I can do is empty the crusty dishes out every now & then lol –Dishwasher running 🙂


  • 3:40 Monster time chug chug chug…let the energizing begin in 5..4..3..2… Oh who I am lying to…I have about 15 min to be a bum before the juiced-upness kicks in…in the meantime something smells funky…off to check diapers


  • 3:45 — in case you were wondering…apparently old age mixed with eating trash just causes awful gas…stupid dog!


  • 4:00– I am EVIL for saying no eating peanut butter with your fingers while on the laptop…


  • 4:10 — A little 1/2 assed cleaning done, laundry load #2 in the dryer (nothing folded), found out Fuzzy’s is having $1 tacos next week which makes me way happier than it should, talked to my mom, kids playing semi nicely, all’s good…power cleaning time!! (Can’t let the hubby know how unproductive I really am lol)


  • 4:40 –Floors clean…being a bum with my Colin…waiting on the hubby to get off work.


  • 4:50 –Taking a moment to say Damn you Keebler for making cookies that taste just as good as Girl Scout Cookies…and 1/2 a box of cookies & 1 angry child (apparently he was only my friend for my iPod…Which he didn’t get) later I’m back to cleaning….


  • 5:20 –Not even going to admit what # energy drink I’m chugging…spent the last 30 min hanging with cuties & chatting on the cell.


  • 5:20 — Yes I know it’s 2 5:20 posts, but the last one was to fill you in on what I was actually doing while I supposed to be cleaning lol— Making PB&J for Mason & Ry, Colin made himself a bubble bath and is chilling…I’m pacing back and forth across the house in an attempt to supervise and keep an eye on everyones shenanagins…all in all a lazy afternoon so far


  • 7:10– been being a bum w/ the fam…While sitting with Mason the other kids semi flooded the bathroom


  • 7:45 –Can’t be a bum any longer…finally making dinner…tonight’s frugal mom (who am I kidding…) tonight’s slacker mom meal is grilled cheese & Ramens….Dinner in 15 minutes…And for me? Trying to eat healthy and all I think I’ll add some OJ to my meal …for vitamin C and all…and hey they fact that my OJ may have a little coconut rum in it…well coconuts are a fruit too, and isn’t alcohol good for you heart…So there you have it…I’m getting my vitamins & being heart healthy all at once for the WIN!


  • 7:55 –How long does it really take water to boil…this is why I usually make noodles in the microwave….Ry’s going to have all the uncooked noodles eaten before I even start cooking….


  • 7:55 – 9:15 –Not sure what all was going on….(Somehow nothing got written down for this time)I’m sure it included eating dinner, chasing kids, making meds, changing kiddos into PJ’s and all that good bedtime stuff.


  • 9:15 –Watching GH, kids asleep. Soap first then off to harass the hubby…Goodnight Friends…Hope you enjoyed my day

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2 Responses to “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12”

  1. grammyjj Says:

    I’m officially tired – and I was just reading about your day.

  2. Great post – I love all the little details and the honest admissions you put in!

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