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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4 September 22, 2011

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My views on religion?
Do I really want to go there? I have a couple of guidelines I try to follow:

  • Never do business with family or friends
  • Never discuss politics or religion – While I do ramble from time to time about both, and I’d never hide my views if asked, I’ve never done a whole post on either.

But, I decided to do this 30 Day Blog Challenge, so I guess I shouldn’t wimp out on a topic just because it’s one  I would not normally dive into. So, here’s to it….My views on religion:


-Do right by God

-God is God no matter what name you use

-Do good to others

-Pray (Never for anything for yourself!! Pray for guidance and give thanks)

-Give thanks to God daily, hourly, randomly, anytime, all the time, whenever, just give thanks

-God is good

-Whatever you don’t understand know, it’s okay. You don’t have to have the answers just know you can ask God when you get to Heaven [This also doubles as a great answer when the kids ask some crazy question you don’t have the answer too or just don’t want to answer….I just knew as a child God would be able to explain the mysteries of how the telephone and fax machine worked lol]

-I don’t think God makes bad or good things happen to us. I think he’s there to guide us thru the bad and the good

-God gave us free will; it is our job to use it wisely

-Sin is sin

-It’s God’s place to judge, not mine

-I cannot change others, but I should work to mold myself

-No one religion is better than another, they are all the same when broken down to their fundamentals (Do good, pray, be good, be thankful)

-We should all learn to love one another and tolerate others views

I guess the list could go on and on, and I’m always up to discuss, but as I sit here to write this post these are the things that come to mind. Basically my biggest thoughts on religion are Be Good, Do Good, God Is Good, Believe, Love One Another and Yourself.

Don’t Forget – If you want to join in this challenge, I ran across the list here:


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