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Summer, School Holidays, and Screwy Schedules September 21, 2011

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Schools been back in session for a few weeks now, and everyone is still trying to get readjusted. The kids have stopped sleeping thru the nights, want to nap all day, are grumbly, and it got me thinking about how much I actually hate all the breaks and holidays, and not because I don’t enjoy the time with the kids, but because it messes with our schedules majorly.

School gets out for summer….Fast Forward 2.5 months, about 2 weeks before school starts up again and my boys just start to get settled into the summer routine. (If you think I’m kidding about it taking this long to adjust to change you don’t know autism) – Now I have 3 kids who want to stay up late and sleep in…then school starts. It seems as soon as we start to get settled into the back to school routine its Thanksgiving break. From Thanksgiving until after the New Year things are upside down. Our routine is screwed, there are entirely too many holidays in that short period of time for the boys to adjust to any type of schedule. After the New Year, it seems to take until right before Spring Break for us to finish recovering from the Christmas Winter break (God Forbid we say CHRISTmas in public schools). After Spring Break we never seem to get back into the routine, and the next thing you know its Summer Vacay Hell, Summer Vacay Chaos, I mean Summer Break again…right as the kids begin to get into the habit of waking at 6 am for the school year…..

Anyone else feel like you’re running on that hamster wheel, trying not to fall off, and every time you think you’re keeping up someone comes and spins the crap out of that wheel? (I guess this could be applied to any area in life not just this..but that’s another thought for another day…) That’s the problem with messing with kid’s schedules, especially kids with autism, is they need the routine, and they like the regularity, at least mine do. Not that I’m suggesting no summer break, or even year around school, more or less just griping about all the breaks and how it throws us off. Things seemed to most peaceful in my house when the boys attended Child Study Center for ABA therapy. It was an all day, year around program, and the kids knew what to expect. They don’t understand why some days they have to go school and some days they get 3-4 days off, to them it’s baffling. Why is mom being mean to me, why is she confusing me, why is she sending me here some days, why can I stay home some days, I don’t know when I have to go or when I get to stay, why, why, why… Autism doesn’t understand that the law says they must have at least on day off a month, it understands moms sending me here some days but not always and I don’t get it. Autism needs routine!! All kids really, but I can only speak for my kids and what works in our house. While I realize there is no perfect answer to this…it still stinks!

Your thoughts???


2 Responses to “Summer, School Holidays, and Screwy Schedules”

  1. bellson12 Says:

    Isn’t it funny how some people love and need routines, and some fight them to the bitter end? I feel your pain, because I’m always trying to establish routines in the classroom and they fall apart too quickly.

  2. […] #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf you dread any break from school that’s longer than 3 days, not because you don’t want the kids’ home, but because it screws up their schedules [] […]

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