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The No TV Challenge – A Midweek Update August 24, 2011

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Here’s the deal – Every time I’ve wanted to post a ‘No TV’ thought I wrote it here and saved it for you guys’ entertainment…So far all I’m learning is I miss my TV, and I can find tons of ways to waste time even without the TV…But it’s only Wednesday, and to be honest I’m probably not being nearly as open-minded as I should…Today’s a new day though..and I’m determined to kick it’s ass!

Here’s my random ‘No TV’ thoughts:

Day 2 – 8:09am – No TV and I’ve got the house to myself…this blows!! But wait–the point is to be productive right?? Not easy…#ICanDoIt! Now what…read, clean, nap, whine to myself…hmmm Oh the #FakeProblems!!

Day 2- 8:26am – I guess I’ll finally get up I can’t waste any more time on the phone and I’m supposed to at least attempt productivity right?? THE HOUSE IS TOO QUIET!!!!

Day 2- 8:40am – butt still glued to the couch…wondering if the problem has nothing to do with TV and more to do w/lazyassittus? Making myself get up…I WILL BE PRODUCTIVE TODAY…even if it kills me!

Day 2- 8:55am – I LOVE A Walk to remember!! Stupid No TV!! [This whiney thought brought to you bc I just read online it’s playing on LMN today & tomorrow]

Day 2- 10:24am – Not nearly as productive as I’d hoped this no TV would make me…jamming out singing at the top of my lungs since there are no kids here to tell me ‘Shhh’ 😉

Day 2- 12:24pm – Apparently you can waste just as much time on the Internet as you can watching TV…

Day 2- 1:21 pm – Came in here (from doing momduties) to complain that not watching TV seems to be harder than quitting smoking…sad, serious, confession….but as I sat down I realized I’ve sent more of the day griping than accomplishing anything…it’s all about perspective…right?? So, time to suck it up, kick my butt into gear, and get to cleaning!!

Day 3-12:45 pm –

  • Last night, not too bad…This AM- I never realized how much I use The TV as a buffer to distract myself from the stabby feelings in RL, lol, you know- you get frustrated over something dumb, sit down, & boom you’re distracted…no TV = I need a new buffer (I mean distraction lol)
  • Instead of being productive I’ve slept the morning away…hmm plan isn’t going as well as hoped…I know there’s was something I had to do today….
  • Also, there’s a ticking sound that, I guess the TV would normally drown out, and it’s driving me mad!!! If I find it I will kill it!! I will hunt it down and kill it!!!!

Day3-4:45 pm – I think Ryan & I are having the toughest time TV free…Mason and Colin seem pretty happy…Caved and let Ryan watch YouTube on my laptop…not that we cut ourselves off from computers too, but he was cut off from laptop for carelessness a while

YouTubing Away

ago…we’ll see, so far he’s using it nicely…#knockonwood

Day3 – Sometime in the evening – This shit is for the birds!!! I want my TV! I’m bored!!

Day3- Bedtimeish – Ended up searching my closet, ran across some old photo albums and a Bible…nice to flip thru some old family pictures and spend a little time with GOD [Not that the two are in any way related other than the fact that both were in the closet lol]

Day4- 10:25 am – The quiet isn’t so bad…I am still wasting just as much time as before this challenge though…

So…this is where I am so far in the One Week No TV challenge…Whiney, unproductive, and still trying to motivate myself…Hmmm sounds like any other day around here..just without General Hospital playing the background…

3 days left…I’ll keep you posted!


2 Responses to “The No TV Challenge – A Midweek Update”

  1. Jamie Walker Says:

    I never ever turn the TV on, I am always on the laptop. If the TV is on it’s either because my kids are watching it (so I can be on the computer) or my husband is watching sports (so I can be on the computer). Oo or maybe I’m running on the treadmill. HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right!

  2. candace Says:

    we tried that this summer and after three weeks i caved and got tv (to my defense, i was sick w/lyme and literally couldn’t get off the couch). kind of experiencing that again in germany, as we have only two english channels. most days we rent movies online or read. good luck!!!!

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